Sonnetina Quatro

1. The form comprises of two stanzas. These are a sestet and a quatrain.
2. The sestet and quatrain may appear either way round, but the more usual design is the sestet first.
Rhyme Scheme: ababab cdcd
Example Poem:
Then the Dog Ran Off    (Sonnetina Quatro)
I taught my dog to drive my truck
so I could ride and play guitar.
When I get drunk I’m still in luck,
He drives home from the country bar.
A trooper stopped us.  That did suck;
We were not going very far.
The truck’s impounded.  I’m in jail,
A license I forgot to get.
Yes, it’s a sad and sorry tale.
My license won’t work for my pet.
 © Lawrencealot – January 5, 2012
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