Park’s Triad

The following description and example are reposted with permission from Poetry Magnum Opus, with thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on that fine resource.

Triad meaning three for which I have found 2 different forms of verse called a Triad.

  • The Triad is a genre from ancient Irish Verse rather than a verse form although the early examples are in 3 mono-rhymed triplets. Like the Treochair it is a departure from the quatrains of Dan Direach. More modern versions allow the structure to be at the poet’s discretion. Most importantly, the poem should include 3 related subjects and their character.

    The elements of the early Triad are:
    1. a poem that lists 3 related things and considers their effects.
    2.  many very early Triads were written in 3 mono-rhymed triplets. Meter is at the discretion of the poet.
    3. modern interpretations of this form vary from free verse, a loose poetic form written in 3 couplets rhymed or unrhymed, or in nonce frames created specifically for the poem.
    4. most importantly written including 3 related subjects, their character and relationship.

Here is a Triad written in the 3 mono-rhymed triplets 

Uniquely Irish, The Shamrock by Judi Van Gorder

I don’t want to sound terse
nothing could be worse
I try to write a clever verse.

Of shamrock’s I will carp,
may sound a bit too sharp
not like sweet music on the harp.

In distant Ireland of all places
they cover most of the bases
even the art of shaving faces.

Seamrog, (Gaelic) shamrock, with its 3 leaves is said to represent not only the Holy Trinity, but also (the fruits of the spirit, faith, hope and charity), (love, valor and wit), (past, present and future) and uniquely Irish, (clever verse, music on the harp, and the art of shaving faces).

A variation of the Triad was published in Pathways for the Poet by Viola Berg 1977 and is attributed to Rena Ferguson Parks. It is a metered, rhymed invented form with a refrain.

The invented variation of the Triad is:

  1. a poem in 22 lines made up of an octave, sixain and an octave in that order.
  2. metric, all lines are iambic tetrameter accept the last line of each stanza which is a refrain in iambic dimeter.
  3. rhymed, turned on only 2 rhymes, rhyme scheme xxxaxabA xxxabA xxxaxabA – b rhyme linking the stanzas and A being the refrain.

My Example

I have chosen for expediency to differentiate, by tagging the second version with the name “Park’s Triad”.

They’re Out of Names

Last week I found another life;
it’s on the Internet, you know.
If you are not already there
you must be tied up playing games,
or busy earning daily bread,
or optimistic, chasing dames.
you ought to join this word- before
they’re out of names.

I could not use a name I knew;
I tried a few and many more,
then many others after those.
“That name is taken”- screen proclaims.
I can’t be Larry anymore,
they’re out of names.

I teleport, and I can fly,
and be a woman, or a man
or be a robot or a beast,
but I cannot be John or James.
I can now choose to wander free
or be one with more lofty aims.
So join up now, and don’t be sore;
they’re out of names.

© Lawrencealot – February 4, 2015

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This form was invented in 2005 by B_Chandler on AP.
I found it on PoetryMagnusOpus listed as “Chandler’s Sonnet, with the caveat below.
  • The Chandler Sonnet is an invented verse form introduced by B Chandler that although it is called a sonnet, has nothing in common with the sonnet form.
    The Chandler Sonnet is:

    • a poem in 22 lines, written in 3 quatrains, an octave and a couplet in that order.
    • syllabic, the first 3 quatrains are dodecasyllabic, the octave is hendecasyllabic and the couplet is heptasyllabic lines.
    • rhymed, turned on only 4 rhymes, abab baba abab cdccdcdd ee.(ababbabaababcdccdcddee)
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder of PMO, one of the hardest working site administrators on the web.  A wonderful resource.
I have chosen to give the form the Original name the creator applied, even though in her
description she called it “The Chandler Sonnet”..  I am already catching enough flax for finding so many non-complying sonnet forms.


Example Poem
 Instinct (Chandelarian)
Instinctively the spider knows he has to build
A DNA encoded knowledge, never taught
enables his performance, diligent and skilled.
His mommy never taught him though you think she ought.
To teach this task in college would require a lot,
and grant you membership in an especial guild.
Geometry and Physics, rules of Mandelbrot,
and Chemistry and math would be the skills they sought.
Our spider weaves his web without a second thought,
then finds it rendered useless by the moist air chilled
by nature’s nocturnal show’s ever changing plot.
The web will dry and work, or else he will rebuild.
Discontent with other’s actions can occur
in daily functions even when we’re trying
to co-operate – attempting to defer,
and misspoken words are taken as a slur.
This happens even when you are complying
and we don’t always comply, that is for sure.
If mates can touch the care that’s underlying
as by instinct they’ll find their love undying.
My wife’s patient as a saint
that’s so, even though I ain’t.
© Lawremcealot – Novemeber 20

Visual Template

This template uses beginning Anapest for “c” rhymes
poet may choose any meter for either rhyme


Butterfly Quintet

This is a Butterfly Quintet created by Amanda Jean Norton
Stanza 1 is Iambic Pentameter rhyming abcbd
Stanza 2 is Iambic Tetrameter rhyming effe
Stanza 3 has 2 lines of Iambic Trimeter, Enveloped by 2 lines of Iambic Pentameter
The rhyming words are the same words in each set EGGE
Stanza 4 is Iambic Tetrameter rhyming hiih
Stanza 5 is Iambic Pentameter rhyming abcbd
Example Poem
Write a Butterfly Quintet
To write a Butterfly Quintet my pet
you place complex content in stanza one.
There’s room internally to romp with rhyme
or sprinkle sparks of alliteration.
The same thing goes, by jive in stanza five.
In middle stanzas do your play.
These step more quickly, I believe;
less time to ponder, think or grieve.
First line next stanza have you say!
Expound your thesis here– it’s quite okay.
Exclaim your point right now.
Make emphasis some how.
The repeated words for that deed are okay.
Now butterfly, just flutter by.
Just play and give the air some shoves–
enjoyed wherever there are loves.
You light their hearts up butterfly.
Here the conclusion you’d most likely set,
with evidence supporting, now begun.
If playful theme there’s still a  lot of time
To zig and zag, and twist the plot for fun.
Your muse can use this form to come alive.
© Lawrencealot  – July 2, 2012
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Chain of Abolition

“Chain of Abolition” Poetry Form
A poem of 22 lines, invented by Natydel of
Syllable Count: 4/5/6/7 /3/4/5/6/7/2/3/4/5/6/7/1/2/3/4/5/6/7
Rhyme Scheme: abcd eabcd feabcd gfeabcd (abcdeabcdfeabcdgfeabcd)
There is no meter requirement.
It is required that there be a line between stanzas.

Example Poem

Flying Out of Singapore

{a parody of signing off, forevermore}

enticing eyes
a curvaceous view
glossy lips, inviting
me to ravage you once more;

does member rise,
wanting inside you
lack of thought is fright’ning
Can you take it just once more?

kiss me!
about its size–
just as though it’s new
a kiss so exciting
I’d not take you for a whore.

I see
smooth silky thighs,
moist tastes to pursue
curves with pleasure writhing;
then we’re through forevermore-

(c) Lawrencealot – Sept 12, 2012

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
5:35 PM
This form was invented by Silent_Cougar and it’s structure honors native American Heritage.
The Cheyenelle follow the ‘circle of life’, and that all life is connected.
The words creating their own circle, forming the connection in the closing stanza.
Free Verse Format  (No way!)
The title must relate to the poem, but also adjoin
 the opening single line creating a rhyming couplet.
The first line and stanza are trimeter (two syllable feet)
The next three stanzas are tetrameter,
and the final unspecified, (depending upon word syllable)
The following four stanzas then become the creation of the final fifth stanza,
where each lines final word builds into the lines of the fifth stanza.
which holds only four words per line.
The fifth stanza must also read as a stand alone poem.
This form results in automatic internal rhyme in the closing stanza.
The FOLLOWING are the specifications for the Rhymed Version.
Rhyme scheme:
The opening line and first stanza are 6 syllables
Stanza two is 7 syllables
Stanza three is 8 syllables
Stanza four is 9 Syllables
Stanza five is undefined.
Specifications restated:
The Cheyenell is a poem of 22 lines.
It is formulaic: Title requires 6 syllables and must form couplet with first line;
                               the final stanza is made up or 4 words from each preceding stanza.
It is syllabic: 6/7/8/9/any
It is rhymed: aa bcbc dede hehe cecd (aabcbcdedehehececd)
Example Poem
We Are All Brothers  (Cheyenelle)
From different mothers
Indeed we all do come.
We can all get along
If when we meet we hum
a tune or sing a song.
Tribal chants – many voices
recognizing all are swayed
by Earth’s gifts – that our choices
hinge on those others have made.
DNA has proven and we’ll
all soon know that we all belong
to a common tribe and can feel
at home on earth with kinship strong.
Once all people know they are mankind’s
blood-brother all will join the parade
which will find humanity enshrined
at peace with earth and quite unafraid.
Come along hum a song.
Voices swayed choices made.
We belong; feel strong
mankind’s parade, enshrined, unafraid.
(c) Lawrencealot – Sept 28, 2012
Visual Template
I just noticed that this template does NOT comply with the specifications, in that it uses 5 words, the poem was corrected.


This is a modern form created by mixing a Ghazal with a Villanelle.
Form Type: Syllabic
Origins: American
Creator: Thomas Rodes
Number of Lines: 22
Rhyme Scheme: A1+r,b,A2+r – a+r,b,A1+r – a+r,b,A2+r – a+r,b,A1+r – a+r,b,A2+r – a+r,b,A1+r,A2+r
Meter: Undefined
1. The form is created from 6 triplets and a quatrain.
2. Line one is repeated as lines 6, 12, 18, 21.
3. Line three is repeated as lines 9, 15, 22.
4. The ‘a’ rhyming lines all have the same refrain following after the rhyme.
5. Each stanza may enjamb within itself but must be a complete unit in itself, there is no enjambing across stanzas.
6. Each stanza should be free standing they don’t need other sense to be a complete meaning unit. There doesn’t need to be a linkage between stanzas.
Example Poem

Real Help Possible      (Guzzanelle)
Have humankind become concerned too late.
Are legates from the stars our only hope?
Have our sentient cousins returned too late.
If violence wins, then we have earned our fate?
Have we played out our ecologic rope?
Have humankind become concerned too late.
The recondite crop marks unlearned folks hate
are verified as messages of hope.
Have our sentient cousins returned too late.
Symbolic mathematics discerned of late
that human’s self-hate carved a slippery slope.
Have humankind become concerned too late.
Some hate the Toran and some spurn the Pope.
In all fields of dogma, men only grope.
Have our sentient cousins returned too late.
We may leave fossil fuels unburned yet sate
our needs expanding in desire and scope.
Have humankind become concerned too late.
A profusion of wealth unturned awaits;
What man knows now is subpar, but we’ll cope.
Have humankind become concerned too late.
Have our sentient cousins returned too late.
© Lawrencealot – February 15, 2013
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A poetic form created by Laura Lamarca,
The Lauranelle – is a hybrid (variation) of both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle forms.
It is a stanzaic poem of 22 lines,  consisting of 6 tercets and 1 quatrain
ending with a refrain made up of lines 1 and 3.
Meter: Lines MUST be in iambic pentameter.
Rhyme scheme: A1bA2 bcb cdc ded efe fbf ggA1A2,  (A1bA2bcbcdcdedefefbfggA1A2)
Poems can either be formatted in stanzas or as a whole piece without line-spacing.
Example Poem
A Little Uncertainty Goes a Long Way (Lauranelle)
When we without a doubt accept as real
what we are told is settled fact about
most anything- we are enchained by zeal.
When pulpiteer delivers truth with clout
conditions favor comfort if you choose
a certain truth you need not think about.
Illusions pleasant though they be to use
as guideposts do not come without their cost.
Bestowed, our reason seems not just to lose.
No fact of science has proved settled long,
religion not at all.  That we don’t know
conditions maybe right- but maybe wrong
do not excuse intransigence in thought.
Mere beliefs deemed a truth worthy of war.
Absurd!  Is bellicosity now sought?
One outcome zeal promotes is hate.  The door
to human peace is open if all shout,
“Wait– I may be wrong Let us think some more.”
What one thinks is so simply may not be.
We may kill men for an absurdity.
When we without a doubt accept as real
most anything- we are enchained by zeal.
(c) Lawrencealot – June 27, 2012
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