Cinquain Chain

  • Cinquain Chain or Corona of Cinquains is stanzaic invented verse made up of a series of Crapsey Cinquains linked in a chain or corona by the last line of each cinquain repeated as the first line of the next cinquain.
My Example poem
You Can Call Me, Darling    (Cinquain Chain)
Once we’ve
come to know each
other and shared a meal
or drink, a wink, or even more
a kiss,
a kiss
even on the cheek,
or put each other down
in fun with social repartee
well then …
well then
you might call me
darling and I’d not flinch.
It’s a sweet affectation, beats
Hey you!
Hey you
works, and implies
perhaps you know me not
yet by name and darling implies
much more.
Much more-
yet everyone
is your darling, even those I know
are rude and lacking very much
to like.
To like
me and call me
darling has it’s merits.
Do you want to call me darling?
Call me.
© Lawrencealot – February 20 2014


Structure, Metrical Requirement, Stanzaic
A poem of five cinquains.
And repeat four more times.
Rhythm/Stanza Length:
Line/Poem Length:
See Also:
My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for the above.
My example poem
Within the Bounds?      (Cinq-Cinquain)
of repeating
some rhymes in every verse
I know I can but should I now
Pray tell?
doubts here would make it worse,
I’ll proceed- rhyming anyhow.
Oh hell.
while I’m beating
time, now seems so perverse,
although the rules don’t disallow
Oh well.
from a fleeting
desire to intersperse
some lyricism here and now
to quell
doubts competing
that I’m cheating where terse
is sought and I use rhyme somehow
as well.
© Lawrencealot – February 16, 2014
I think this poems proves you ought not so something
Just because you can.

Garland Cinquain

This is one of the more interesting Cinquain variations. It starts as a Crown Cinquain but adds a final Cinquain made up of line drawn from the preceding Cinquains.

Form Type: Syllabic
Origins: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Number of Lines: 30
Rhyme Scheme: Not applicable
Meter: Not applicable
All the usual Cinquain rules apply, but there is an additional rule for the final Cinquain.
Those rules are: Stanza with 2/4/6/8/2 syllable, have being stressed.
1. The final Cinquain is generally formed from lines drawn from the proceding Cinquains.
2. The order of the lines is generally L1 from S1, L2 from S2, etc. (Refrain)
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  Example Poem
It  Works!
It Works!      (Garland Cinquain)
that you have choice. 
Clouds, leaves, and fingernails 
all have no voice and are programmed. 
Not you. 
You know 
smiles beget smiles 
and frowns and grumpiness 
pollute your social atmosphere.
So smile. 
Try to 
remember that 
and karma is a force 
that might affect what comes your way. 
Take care.
yourself that most 
people respond to smiles 
then act accordingly each day. 
Give grins 
and friendly tones 
most gratuitously 
with up-lifting intent, my friend. 
You’ll win.
smiles beget smiles 
and karma is a force 
then act accordingly each day. 
You’ll win.
© Lawrencealot – March 3, 2013
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