Twenty six letters, twenty six words

Twenty six letters, twenty six words, a-z or z-a, is a variation of the Alphabet poem using one word for every letter in the alphabet not necessarily beginning a different line for each word.

A Brief Cast by Judi Van Gorder

A blue crane
danced energetically
for glory, holding imaginary
jewels, keeping lithe movements
noticeably osculating,
posturing quickly round
submerged tule
until vultures wallop
xiphoid yams.

My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.


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My example

Worse than Taxes (Twenty six letters, twenty six words)

A bitter curse drove everyone
from grand households in Jule’s kingdom,
leaving mansions never occupied.

People quit, reluctantly,
sticking to uninhabited valleys —
wet, xenolithic yellow zones.

(Lawrencealot – Sept. 3, 2014)