Double Rondeau

•  Double Rondeau is simply doubling the pattern of the Rondeau. It can either be doubled in sequence (1 Rondeau following another Rondeau) or the like stanzas could be doubled and paired.

○ A 30 line poem made up of a quintain, quartain, sixain, the same order repeated a second time or a 30 line poem made up of 2 quitains followed by 2 quatrains and ending with 2 sixains.

○ metric, iambic tetrameter accept for the refrain which is iambic dimeter.

○ All stanzas end with a rentrement.

○ rhymed using either 2 or 4 rhymes. aabba aabR aabbaR aabba aabR aabbaR or aabba aabba aabR aabR aabbaR aabbaR or aabba ccddR aabR ccdR aabbaR ccddcR or aabba aabR aabbaR ccddR ccdR ccddcR.

○ Whether the poem is turned on 2 or 4 rhymes, the rentrement would remain the half line from the first line of the poem to be consistent throughout the poem especially when it is sequential (1 Rondeau pattern following another Rondeau pattern.) There could be 2 rentraments which alternate from the 1st line of each of the 1st and 2nd quintains when the like stanzas are paired.

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My Example
(Double Rondeau – Type 1)

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Here comes my dad, I hear the sleigh.
I think the horses know the way.
It’s quiet when they run on snow.
They’ll pick us up, then we can go
to grandma’s house for Christmas day.

It’s such a pleasant winter day,
no chilling wind that used to blow.
We picked a perfect day you know.
Here comes my dad.

My grandpa said to come and play.
If grandpa says so, it’s okay.
I have a pheasant I must show
to him before it’s plucked, you know.
The mare smells us, I heard her neigh.
Here comes my dad.

That time has passed.  The years have flown,
and my own children now have grown.
I am a grandpa now, of course
though from my wife I’m long divorced.
That time has passed.

I’m in the city, quite alone,
with Facebook and a telephone.
and now I do not own a horse.
That time has passed.

The city’s all concrete and stone
and neighbors are not really known.
The Christmas spirit’s lost its force. 
For what’s not here I have remorse,
but now I’m way too old to moan,
that time has passed.

© Lawrencealot – December 6, 2014

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Double Rondeau

Streambed's Ripple poetry form

Streambed’s Ripple a form created by Lisa Morris known as Streambed on

It is:

Stanzaic: Written in 3 ten line stanzas

Syllabic: 10/8/10/8/10/10/10/8/10/8

Refrain:  Requires the last half of L5 to repeat in each stanza

Rhymed: xaxaBbxaxa xcxcBbxcxc xdxdBbxdxd

Metric: Written in iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter


Example poem

Love’s Corset     (Streambed’s Ripple)

For centuries we have believed
the attributes of form
as they relate to motherhood
ought be considered norm.
So bind yourself with stays and lace
before you paint or rouge your face.
For parturition hips must be
expanded, round and warm.
The breasts to suckle one or more
are ample to conform.
A standard then however wrought
in western cultures seem
to drive the fashion engines to
promote this female scheme.
So women then with stays and lace
constrict themselves so men will chase.
But girls have found and boys have too
that essence reigns supreme,
and being kind and being true
is what will fuel love’s dream.
Once one is found to share your heart,
then regulate your mind
and recognize that devotion
provides the stays that bind.
I’ll bind my love with stays and lace
to make sure romance stays in place
and corset non-complying thoughts
and set them far behind.
For nothing fits the human soul
like lovers so aligned.
© Lawrencealot – April 19, 2014

Double Refrain Ballade

Double Refrain Ballade
This is identical to the Ballade, except that both Lines 4 and 8 from the first stanza become refrains in succeeding stanzas.
The rhyme scheme is:  abaBbcbC
Example Poem
Courtroom Follies  ( Double Refrain Ballade)
“She had three kids I understand,
were any of those children male?”?
“No.” “Were they girls?” (I won’t expand.)
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
Describe the person at the jail-
“Quite bald but with much facial hair.”
“Was he a male or a female?”
These questions have been asked, I swear.
“What gear were you in,” came the demand?
“at impact?” he asked from the rail.
A shirt and Gucci sweats, my man.”
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
I wasn’t drinking Ginger ale,
it was just Ginger’s Ale I’d share
i drove ‘cus couldn’t walk so well.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
“Where did the helicopter land?”
“Near marker three, right near the trail.”
“do you know where that is offhand?”
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
“‘Tween marker two and four as well.”
You must set forth question with care
for some folks have strange tales to tell.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
So ask a friend to post your bail.
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
And take along clean underwear.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
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A poem of 30 lines, a syllabic form invented by Madison Shaw, aka Arkbear on Allpoetry
form should be centered with care given to appearance.

Example Poem
Fake It
Fake it
’til you make it
is an axiom that
will amaze you with its results.
Pick any skill you want
to master and
try it.
From braiding string
to throwing clay, just do
it like you already knew how.
First effort might not please,
but soon they  will.
Fake it.
If you are glum
but glum you wish to quit,
act happy.  Happy you’ll  become.
It sounds a bit simplistic, but don’t doubt
my word on this!  This works with other folks about.
You’ll  change the room; pretense has so much clout.
You can pollute a fun room too
if you aren’t mad and that’s
what want to do
Fake it.
I used to have
to think and think to find
a proper rhyme, so simply used
made-up words, and talked like
doctor Seuss or
Goose.   Less than a
week of that, and rhyming
was so natural my life may
be at risk from deranged
wife.  Maybe don’t
Fake it.
© Lawrencealot – May 31, 2012

Garland Cinquain

This is one of the more interesting Cinquain variations. It starts as a Crown Cinquain but adds a final Cinquain made up of line drawn from the preceding Cinquains.

Form Type: Syllabic
Origins: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Number of Lines: 30
Rhyme Scheme: Not applicable
Meter: Not applicable
All the usual Cinquain rules apply, but there is an additional rule for the final Cinquain.
Those rules are: Stanza with 2/4/6/8/2 syllable, have being stressed.
1. The final Cinquain is generally formed from lines drawn from the proceding Cinquains.
2. The order of the lines is generally L1 from S1, L2 from S2, etc. (Refrain)
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  Example Poem
It  Works!
It Works!      (Garland Cinquain)
that you have choice. 
Clouds, leaves, and fingernails 
all have no voice and are programmed. 
Not you. 
You know 
smiles beget smiles 
and frowns and grumpiness 
pollute your social atmosphere.
So smile. 
Try to 
remember that 
and karma is a force 
that might affect what comes your way. 
Take care.
yourself that most 
people respond to smiles 
then act accordingly each day. 
Give grins 
and friendly tones 
most gratuitously 
with up-lifting intent, my friend. 
You’ll win.
smiles beget smiles 
and karma is a force 
then act accordingly each day. 
You’ll win.
© Lawrencealot – March 3, 2013
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Serenity Refrain

This poetry form was created by SerenityNChains, aka Billie Jean Murchinson.
It is a stanzaic poem, with six 5-line stanzas.
It is syllabic, requiring 7 syllable per line.
Rhyme Scheme: aabba
Refrain: Line 1 slides down another line in each stanza, and then the first stanza is repeated as the closing stanza.
There is no metric requirement other than a comfortable flow with accented rhyme.
Example Poem:
Fallen Friends
Some friends fall by the wayside
not retained ‘cus neither tried.
Other are just yanked away
outside factors having play,
wanted contact is denied.
By where they’re forced to reside
some friends fall by the wayside.
Some take tracks we do not choose,
then both opt, a friend to lose
when friend’s  stance we can’t abide.
A dear few we never lose.
Their advice we always use.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
A fact we just take in stride.
Their influence we excuse.
Friends so close we won’t let go.
We write and call; friendships grow.
Some friends might become our bride.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
Friends we keep make our lives glow.
I still recall that I cried.
when I learned a young friend died.
A treasure I felt I’d lost
when he was chilled by death’s frost.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
Some friends fall by the wayside
not retained ‘cus neither tried.
Other are just yanked away
outside factors having play,
wanted contact is denied.
(c) Lawrencealot – August 16, 2012
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