A form created by Laura Lamarca in June, 2015.

  • Form description:
  • rhyme scheme aaa,bB,cc,dd,bB.
  • 8 syllables per line in iambic tetrameter.
  • 11 lines per stanza. 3 stanzas (33 lines) total.
  • Content must be nurturing, spiritual.

Lamarca’s Example

Form: LaCalma


Please take this gift to give you hope
and then, in walking, you will cope
without that weight hung on life’s rope.
You are not on your path alone,
there’s two of us on this stroll home,
towards that light which beckons us
amongst those bright stars, just because
it’s where our spirits choose to hide
when human needs have leaked inside
our solid selves of blood and bone.
There’s two of us on this stroll home.

Please take this gift to give you peace
a languid smile, a soft release
so trauma, on your path, will cease.
We do not walk this way with dark,
there is a ray…a lasting spark–
a warm embrace, a lazy kiss
a reason why we walk like this…
as fallen few and guiding lights
we bring lost “feel” on deepest nights
and though we leave no sign or mark
there is a ray…a lasting spark.

Please do not walk without me near
do not begin this road with fear
for to true selves we must adhere
as life clings on to our firm feet,
we must go on, our goals complete.
Raze brambles from our disarray
remove the stains that just can’t stay.
and if you find yourself alone
then don’t fret dear, I’m coming home…
this world shall not, us both, defeat
we must go on, our goals complete.

My Example

Form: LaCalma

No Village Needed

The kids have gone, they’ve left the nest
and now, we thought, we’ve time to rest
that is so wrong; you might have guessed.
The kids move back, the grandkids too –
like me, they want to be near you.
As grandpa now I have my fun –
the pampering has just begun.
The parents change the diapers now
(but grandpa still remembers how)
They like your cooking, that is true –
like me, they want to be near you.

Economy these days does suck,
so with parents some kids are stuck
for grandkids though that is good luck.
They get to live a life that’s swell
Gramps chose his wife so very well.
Papa is constant source of fun
but Grandma is the careful one.
She keeps their enegy constrained
when grandpa acts like he’s untrained;
he knows she will, and you can tell,
Gramps chose his wife so very well.

When a step-niece who grew up wild
became involved and had a child
though there were tears, still Grandma smiled.
Rescuing people was her way
and Grandma does that to this day.
Extended families grow unbid
from thoughtless things teenagers did
yet somehow someone up above
assures the unbid will find love.
Dispensing love is just her way
and Grandma does that to this day.

© Lawrencealot – June 10, 2015

Visual template:

At the time I composed this poem, and template, the form had not yet been named. Since I had to call it something for filing purposes, I called it the Lamarkable, I have since found that Laura named it LaCalma.

Fornlorn Suicide

The Form: Forlorn Suicide
Invented byNataly Scott, aka  NatyDel
Syllable Count for each stanza:
1=xRhyme Scheme:
Rhyme matches with the syllable count
For instance: All the 5’s rhyme, all the 6’s rhyme, and so forth.
Example Poem

Teacher’s Pet

Looking at your rear
is why I come to class.
I’ve never yet read the board.
I’d rather watch your ass.
I am always here;
I’ll never miss.
I want to be clear,
while still not being crass.
Watching you, I can’t get bored.

My grades are great.  I pass
for an engineer.
It’s just that this
boy wants you
to touch and kiss.
My meager veneer
becomes most underclass
when close; you are so adored.
Your shape’s an hourglass.
I try not to leer.

I love the bliss
of this view
my dear.
It is true
I’d be amiss
were that not true. We’re
married. Yet, I trespass
voyeuristically – ignored,

by teacher with smartass
hubby volunteer
here to assist,
yes, and to
be near

© Lawrencealot – August 8, 2012

Visual Template