Royal Spiral

This form was created by Mary Sullivan Boren, aka,  Meter Maid on
This is a stanzaic form consisting of exactly four quintains.
each having two rhyming couples of iambic pentameter and a tail of iambic dimeter.
Though similar to the Rondeau, it varies significantly
in the rhyme and repetition scheme, as follows:
S1: aabbc
S2: ccdde, where L5 repeats the first two feet of S1 L1.
S3: eeffg, where L1 repeats S1 L5.
S4: gghhc.
This first four syllables of line 1 become the refrain in line 5 of  the second stanza.
Line 5 of the first stanza becomes the first four syllables of stanza three.
Example Poem
Cave Dweller
While young I schooled, worked; I lived in a cave.
‘Twas not remote, nor I remotely brave.
First time on my own; autumn really nice.
I lived for weeks- there ’til the snow and ice.
I paid no rent.
No neighbors, no landlord; it beat a tent.
To my mom’s house my mail (not much) was sent.
As snug as could be with storm- lantern there.
I’d study, watch town below, without care.
While young I schooled.
I paid no rent. I stayed ’til weather cooled.
With hygiene handled at the gym, I stooled
myself at deli for a bite to eat.
My big meal I’d have at work: Donny’s Beat.
My evening job.
The quiet soothed, silence ruled- absent the mob.
Would I could share with my missing heartthrob.
Later, one lass did ask me, “Where is it?
She said had she’d known she’d come to visit.
this resident.
(c) Lawrencealot – April 2012
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Royal Spiral