Double Ballade

Double Ballade
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
A ballade on steroids, this form has six octaves and may have a quatrain envoy. The double ballade uses only three rhymes throughout with each verse keeping the pattern: ababbcbC and the envoy being bcbC with C being a repeated refrain throughout.
This is also known as the Double Ballade with Eight-Line Stanza
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Example Poem
Another Chance
When dot coms came on board I didn’t speculate.
I could have if I’d but made the observation-
A brand new paradigm was here to celebrate.
I was caught up in my work-place aspirations,
too focused to consider new embarkations.
When Microsoft and Apple, started on their way
then Facebook I ignored early information.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
I’m older now, retired have time to meditate
and see the social net’s current domination
which gives pretense the timid must appreciate.
One son made bucks with SimCity’s fascination
by selling (on E-bay), his accumulation
of Simoleans – fake money one used to play
the game. He charged for their virtual desperation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
The Internet’s too huge to really regulate
unless you admit dictator inclinations;
the power of shared knowledge bears an awesome weight.
In two thousand-nine was laid a new foundation
for currency not controlled by any nation.
for Nakamo, (out of nothing) I guess you’d say
Has denied nations rights to manipulation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
The Bitcoin* disallows the nations to inflate
or change the money value by declaration.
Explaining how it’s done would really complicate
this verse, and worse (it’s a complex calculation.)
One earns coins by solving block-chain computations
and each stores each trade in their private dossiere.
I’ve joined the world-wide force after consultation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
I’m glad I’ve got a savvy kid to emulate.
It likely a most worthwhile association
I helped him start so he could really educate
us both, and now I have had fine confirmation.
I’m mining now with unrestrained jubilation.
I’ve even overcome my wife’s abject dismay.
Put APICs* right to work; ignore fluctuations.
I wonder if there’s something’s going on today?
The fewer folks that are inclined to replicate
my acts, the better for my coin generation,
but I invite, right now you each to imitate
my actions.  Leave the sedated population.
The gift I offer friends is this conversation.
Get ready, for the future’s not too far away.
So trust me! Better still get more information.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
An Asian nation’s act caused devaluation
but global markets compensated and held sway.
Miners make money at most all valuations.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
© Lawrencealot – January  18, 2014
*Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.
*Application Specific Integrated Circuits
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