Streambed Quintet poetry form

This is a form invented by Lillibet Waters, aka Streambed on Allpoetry.

 It is Stanzaic, consisting of two or more quintets.
Each stanza is syllabic 7/4/5/3/5
Rhyme pattern: aabba

Example Poem

 Advice to a Freshman     (Streambed Quintet)

 If you come upon a maid
who’s unafraid
and has a yearning
for learning,
please don’t act too staid. 

If perfume arouses you,
and bodice view
portends a measure
of pleasure
it just could be true.


If she pulls you close to kiss
don’t be remiss,
she’s not awaiting
dull dating,
act, don’t reminisce.

© Lawrencealot – March 28, 2014

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