Englyn Milwr

The traditional Welsh form Englyn Milwr (soldier’s englyn):  three 7-syllable lines rimed on the last syllable.  (Englynion are short epigrammatic verses.)  Further, it has the Cynghanedd required of a Welsh bard, in this case Cynghanedd Groes (cross consonance), where the second part of the line repeats the sequence of consonant sounds in the first part (n can be ignored, as can the sounds at the end of the last syllable of either part, while w and y are treated as vowels).
Eyes ask sweetly; nose seeks tail;
she purrs soft, a show:  prize sale!
With man so fooled, the mice flail.
Example Poem
Obama Care
O-care cuts the doctors’ pay,
deigns to proscribe doctors’ play.
Mine says “Why?”, and moves away.
© Lawrencealot – Edited December 10,2012

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Visual Template
syllabic: 7/7/7
rhymed: aaa