Dandizette form created by discoveria of Allpoetry.com
3 six line stanzas
the form is partially inspired by the villanelle, and features a tricky repetition of four refrain lines in the final stanza.
the syllable count for the first twostanzas  is  8/6/8/8/6/8.
The last stanza has lines of  6/6/6/6/8/8 syllables.
The rhyme scheme is ababcb cbcdcd bcbcee. (ababcbcbcdcdbcbcee)
The final stanza is composed of lines 2, 5, 8, 11 from the previous two stanzas, plus a concluding rhyming couplet.
Where they reappear in the last stanza, the four repeated lines should make sense together as well as making sense where they are first used. Meter is optional.
Example Poem
Beneath the Dancing Lights  (Dandizette)
Every fellow  here wants first dance.
She is a lovely tease
though proper for a girl from France.
With her shape she does dress to please
with bodice cut so low.
‘Twould be a thrill to watch her sneeze.
Tonight the breeze will lightly blow
outside beneath the trees
the lights will swing and sway as though
they are dancing too.  As on stage
in dancing lights she’ll glow.
She’ll attract men of any age.
She is a lovely tease
with bodice cut so low.
Outside beneath the trees
in dancing lights she’ll glow.
She will light up many man’s life.
And she’ll tick off many a wife.
(c) Lawrencealot – March 2, 2012
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