Rannaicheacht Ghairid

Irish poetry.

• Rannaicheacht Ghairid (ron-a’yach cha’r-rid) (versification with shortened line) is:
○ written in any number of quatrains with uneven lines.
○ syllabic 3-7-7-7.
○ alliterated, 2 word alliteration in each line.
○ rhymed a a b a, with the end word of L3 internally rhymed in the first half or L4. 

x x a
x x x x x x a
x x x x x x b
x x b x x x a. (internal rhyme may be in any position within the line)

Ring of Love by Barbara Hartman & Judi Van Gorder

Sparrows swing
on sunflower stems to wring
last seeds that cling to dead heads.
Summer sheds while sparrows sing.

Maiden weds,
that night the young groom beds
his love with tender touch. Glows,
pleased he sews blood upon threads.

True love grows,
this fair knight and maid’s life shows
summer love can thrive in spring
blessed by a ring of sparrows.

Pasted from http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?showtopic=1170#ghairid
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example

Calling Dawn Patrol (Rannaicheacht Ghairid)

Cawing crows
seemed caucused in raucous rows
as though the thought of my sleep
ought to deeply be opposed.

On this block
lives a hearty red-tailed hawk;
what he needs to do today
is chase ‘way this flippin’ flock.

A gnawing
knowledge keeps thoughts from thawing,
if a raptor should descend
might that end callous cawing.

© Lawrencealot – October 8, 2014

Visual template

Rannaicheacht Ghairid


The Florette, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more stanzas for either of the two versions.
Version 1 – Quatrain Stanazas
Rhyme schemeaaba , with interlaced rhyme in line four, where syllable eight shares the “b” rhyme.
 Syllabic:           8/8/8/12 
Meter:               Iambic
Version 5 – Quintet Stanazas
Rhyme schemeaabba,  with interlaced rhyme in line five, where syllable eight shares the “b” rhyme.
 Syllabic:             8/8/8/8/12 
Meter:                 Iambic
Sample Poem
Meeting for a Drink     (Florette)While sitting near my fountain, dear
a pretty yellow finch appeared.
When he came by to say hello
it thrilled me much to simply know I wasn’t feared.
He studied me expression wise,
as if the sight was no surprise;
he groomed his feathers, seemed to think,
then bowed to me and took a drink, just we two guys.
© Lawrencealot – November 28, 2013
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