Double Rondeau

•  Double Rondeau is simply doubling the pattern of the Rondeau. It can either be doubled in sequence (1 Rondeau following another Rondeau) or the like stanzas could be doubled and paired.

○ A 30 line poem made up of a quintain, quartain, sixain, the same order repeated a second time or a 30 line poem made up of 2 quitains followed by 2 quatrains and ending with 2 sixains.

○ metric, iambic tetrameter accept for the refrain which is iambic dimeter.

○ All stanzas end with a rentrement.

○ rhymed using either 2 or 4 rhymes. aabba aabR aabbaR aabba aabR aabbaR or aabba aabba aabR aabR aabbaR aabbaR or aabba ccddR aabR ccdR aabbaR ccddcR or aabba aabR aabbaR ccddR ccdR ccddcR.

○ Whether the poem is turned on 2 or 4 rhymes, the rentrement would remain the half line from the first line of the poem to be consistent throughout the poem especially when it is sequential (1 Rondeau pattern following another Rondeau pattern.) There could be 2 rentraments which alternate from the 1st line of each of the 1st and 2nd quintains when the like stanzas are paired.

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My Example
(Double Rondeau – Type 1)

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Here comes my dad, I hear the sleigh.
I think the horses know the way.
It’s quiet when they run on snow.
They’ll pick us up, then we can go
to grandma’s house for Christmas day.

It’s such a pleasant winter day,
no chilling wind that used to blow.
We picked a perfect day you know.
Here comes my dad.

My grandpa said to come and play.
If grandpa says so, it’s okay.
I have a pheasant I must show
to him before it’s plucked, you know.
The mare smells us, I heard her neigh.
Here comes my dad.

That time has passed.  The years have flown,
and my own children now have grown.
I am a grandpa now, of course
though from my wife I’m long divorced.
That time has passed.

I’m in the city, quite alone,
with Facebook and a telephone.
and now I do not own a horse.
That time has passed.

The city’s all concrete and stone
and neighbors are not really known.
The Christmas spirit’s lost its force. 
For what’s not here I have remorse,
but now I’m way too old to moan,
that time has passed.

© Lawrencealot – December 6, 2014

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Double Rondeau