The term, which derives from skein, refers to a tightly wound little
A poem of 10 lines that rolls out in measured segments, then goes back and
picks up the short threads for the final unraveling.
It’s easier to show an example than try to describe it, so I have done that.
There seems to be widespread speculation on the parameters of the form, but
I’ve never found a definitive guide, so stick to the format in my example,
which is iambic with a rhyme scheme of aa bb cc cddc.   (aabbcccddc)
The first six lines alternate between tetrameter and dimeter;
the next three are tetrameter,
and the final line consists of L2, 4 & 6 all in a row.
Example Poem
Choose Cheer
My life’s a joy, it is indeed,
living my creed.
When troubles come they get resolved;
problems are solved.
They’re fixed, dismissed, conclusions drawn–
not dwelled upon.
Change direction,your angst is gone.
Options appear with each closed door
you otherwise might not explore.
Living my creed, problems are solved not dwelled upon.
Ignore upset; ‘t’wll disappear;
configure cheer.
To guaranty that your life sings
rearrange things.
Just make a stranger smile today.
Make your life play.
Sadness dissipates- goes away
once acknowledged and then released.
By attitude one’s joy’s increased.
Configure cheer. Rearrange things. Make your life play.
© Lawrencealot – August 7, 2012
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