Hexaduad and Inverted Hexaduad

An Old English poetic form that consists of 2/2/6/6/8/8/4/4/6/6/4/4  syllable line lengths
– a total of 12 lines.
Rhyme Scheme: aabbccddeeff
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Inverted Hexaduad
An Old English poetic form with  2/6/8/4/6/4/4/6/4/8/6/2 syllable line lengths – again, a total of 12 lines.
The first two lines are repeated for the last two lines.
Rhyme Scheme: A1A2bbccddeeA2A1,  where A1 and A2 are the refrain lines
Example Poem

Undone   ( Inverted Hexaduad)
Without you I’ll be one
awaiting a new birth of mirth
and play that’s worth
unpack-aging the games
with other names
and fresh pretends
which serve my lusty ends.
You inspire me,
even though I cannot help thee.
Without you I’ll be one
(c) Lawrencealot – August 25, 2012


The Minute Poem is a 60 syllable verse form, one syllable for each second in a minute. The theme should be an event that is over and done completely, as in a minute. Since the dominant line is short the effect is likely humorous, whimsical or semi-serious. It was created by Verna Lee Hinegardner, once poet laureate of Arkansas.
It is written as three stanza with syllables of 8/4/4/4
The rhyme pattern is aabb ccdd eeff (aabbccddeeff)
It is written in strict iambic meter.
Example Poem
Wrong Room
My thought,  my dear,  was that tonight
I’d do it right.
No more wham bam,
Then kiss and scram.
I slid real close, and  loved the fit,
hand on your tit.
It was a dream
until the scream.
Your mom  fled from the rented room.
Impending doom.
I’d be in it
In a minute.
(c) Lawrencealot – February 9, 2012
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