The Mononet is an invented form  (weren’t they all), created seven years ago by B Chandler of Allpoetry.
It is a complete poem of 18 lines consisting of two octave stanzas and a couplet.
It is syllabic with the 5th line of each octave and the final line of the couplet having 12 syllables, line 17 having 6 syllables,and all other lines having 11 syllables.
Line 5 of each octave consists of six syllables repeated. (Half line refrain).
Line 8 of Stanza 1 is repeated as line 18.  (Full line refrain.)
Rhyme Scheme: abab(AA)baB cdcd(CC)dcd aB
or                          abba(AA)bbA2 cdcc(DD)dcd aA2
 where the capital letters indicate partial or whole line refrains.
The creator’s poem, and my visual template will clarify the specifications.
Her Example
Simplicity Capturing
For a time alone, things seem lost in a show
While beauty is standstill, this soul knew life
In ways that can’t comprehend but gained its low
As time passes during seasoned change and rife—
Epiphanies re-grow, epiphanies re-grow
Words of splendor and phrases lost into strife,
These limbs stood idle; momentum grandeur’s bow
For surroundings of new plus old, there lies its knife
Caught within this dream of rebirth, though all knew
At this point, another soul walked alongside
The woods enthralled from things unforeseen thus grew
Rediscovered lights through shadowed paths reside-
For knowledge’s wind blew…for knowledge’s wind blew
Heads bowed—silence reigned and trails of tranquil pride
Wrote lines of creation; hued colors mixed flew
To the only place were serenity’s guides
Epiphanies re-grow…
To the only place were serenity’s guides
Visual Template