This form was invented in 2005 by B_Chandler on AP.
I found it on PoetryMagnusOpus listed as “Chandler’s Sonnet, with the caveat below.
  • The Chandler Sonnet is an invented verse form introduced by B Chandler that although it is called a sonnet, has nothing in common with the sonnet form.
    The Chandler Sonnet is:

    • a poem in 22 lines, written in 3 quatrains, an octave and a couplet in that order.
    • syllabic, the first 3 quatrains are dodecasyllabic, the octave is hendecasyllabic and the couplet is heptasyllabic lines.
    • rhymed, turned on only 4 rhymes, abab baba abab cdccdcdd ee.(ababbabaababcdccdcddee)
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder of PMO, one of the hardest working site administrators on the web.  A wonderful resource.
I have chosen to give the form the Original name the creator applied, even though in her
description she called it “The Chandler Sonnet”..  I am already catching enough flax for finding so many non-complying sonnet forms.


Example Poem
 Instinct (Chandelarian)
Instinctively the spider knows he has to build
A DNA encoded knowledge, never taught
enables his performance, diligent and skilled.
His mommy never taught him though you think she ought.
To teach this task in college would require a lot,
and grant you membership in an especial guild.
Geometry and Physics, rules of Mandelbrot,
and Chemistry and math would be the skills they sought.
Our spider weaves his web without a second thought,
then finds it rendered useless by the moist air chilled
by nature’s nocturnal show’s ever changing plot.
The web will dry and work, or else he will rebuild.
Discontent with other’s actions can occur
in daily functions even when we’re trying
to co-operate – attempting to defer,
and misspoken words are taken as a slur.
This happens even when you are complying
and we don’t always comply, that is for sure.
If mates can touch the care that’s underlying
as by instinct they’ll find their love undying.
My wife’s patient as a saint
that’s so, even though I ain’t.
© Lawremcealot – Novemeber 20

Visual Template

This template uses beginning Anapest for “c” rhymes
poet may choose any meter for either rhyme