This form was Created by Victoria Sutton aka Passionspromise
It consists of two or more 8 line stanzas, each with the
refrain rhyming scheme of  ababcCab
with ONLY the “c-rhyme” requiring the same sound each stanza.
There is NO metric or line length requirement, EXCEPT that
lines 5 and 6 are shorter than the others.
Example Poem
A Gift to Poets (Gratitude)
A lovely poet gave to me this form.
She said, “Take it. Perhaps you’ll find a way
to specify the path to keep it warm.”
The specs I saw were loose enough to sway
a poet to invent
and follow mind’s intent.
I’ve chosen Iambs, you need not conform.
I’m grateful this form let’s the poet play.
I first thought “Torylet” could be the name,
but “toilet” sounds too close for me so now,
while sitting here, this new idea came.
I’ll name it, “Gratitude” in note of how
the poet may select his bent
and follow mind’s intent.
My next attempt shall be a whole new game
for many variants this will allow.
© Lawrencealot – November 5, 2012
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