• The Zanze is a verse form with variable syllabic pattern introduced by Walden Greenwell.The Zanze is:
    • a poem in 16 lines made up of 4 quatrains.
    • syllabic, 8/8/8/8/6/6/6/6/4/4/4/4/2/4/6/8 syllables per line.
    • rhymed, AbabcdcdefefgagA.
    • L1 is repeated as L16, L5 is the repetition of first 6 syllables of L1, L9 is the repetition of first 4 syllables of L1 and L13 is the repetition of the first 2 syllables of L1.
My Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the wonderful resource at PMO
Although the rhyme pattern suggest there is one refrain, ther are actually four!
My Example poem
Now I Lay Me Down, Let’s Sleep      (Zanze)
If you wait ’til the morning dear
I’ll be more sober and awake
It’s better when my head is clear,
I’ll know you then for heaven’s sake.
If you wait ’til the morn
I’ll treat you like a queen
and not as a lowborn
with limbs to come between.
If you wait ’til
the time is right
I know I will
give you delight.
If you
forgive my beer
I promise I’ll come through.
If you wait ’til the morning dear.
© Lawrencealot – April 7, 2014
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