Sonnetina Tre

1. The form is created from three stanzas.
 These consist of two quatrains and one couplet.
2. The normal structure has the two quatrains first followed by
a concluding couplet. 
Variations on this include the mini-Dorn (see Dorn sonnet)
structure which has the  couplet in the middle, 
it is also possible to begin with the couplet.
3. There is no set meter or rhyme scheme, 
though iambic pentameter or tetrameter is quite usual.
Rhyme Scheme: abab ccde deor abba dd deed
Example Poem
Girswold Fuzzy Longbottom  (Sonnetina tre)
I’ve never owned a Yorkie pup you see,
That breed has always been the owner here.
Though Griz is second such to live with me,
He makes it clear to other pets that dear
grandpa is his toy.  When I am not home
my wife can have his love.  He’ll sit or lay
most quietly with her; submit to comb
and bath.  When I’m around he wants to play.
He never comes to me without his ball
for that’s his favorite dog game of all.
(c) Lawrencealot
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