Spiral Quatrain

This form was created by © Amanda J. Norton, aka  – Dark Butterfly
on July 13,2012
Stanzaic, 4 quatrains
Rhyme Scheme: abba        ccdd        efef        abba
syllabic               5/6/7/8   8/7/6/5   5/6/7/8   8/7/6/5
Four Quatrains, no specific meter requirement.
Must be Centered.
Example Poem:

Write a Spiral Quatrain
A spiral quatrain.
Starts with five syllables,
then like adding decibles,
each line you add one more again.
Until here.  At eight now you stop.
then decrease by one each hop
downward until by jive
the count reaches five.
Do that all once more,
but with a diff’rent  rhyme.
Until stanzas you have four.
You may write these poems any time.
There is not a required refrain.
Here it seems defensible,
and it’s embraceable,
A spiral quatrain.
© Lawrencealot – July 13, 2012

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