Three-peat Refrain

The Three-peat Refrain was invented by Mark Andrew J. Terry of Allpoetry.

It is a 13 line poem.
It is stanzaic, consisting of two quintets and a three line tail.
It is syllabic: 4/4/8/8/6
It is metric written in iambic dimeter, trimeter, and tetrameter.
It is rhymed: AbbcbAddcdAcd
Where the first line is a Refrain, repeated in each stanza.

I Dream of Pathos
If in this world
when tears are shed
a golden cup would catch what’s bled
by eyes whose pain is free-unfurled
and all of us have read
If in this world
each human heart
could empathize and do their part
to stand between the pain that swirled
what greed and bleed impart
If in this world
pathos uncurled
and guided every choice’s chart
© Mark Andrew J. Terry, June 2014
Ddoubletake comment on All Poetry – Wonderful! The form seems familiar, but I’m not really familiar enough with form poetry to place it. This is highly emotional without being overdone, which I appreciate. Lovely sentiment.
Well, the form seems like it deserves to be familiar, but did not exist in my list so I wrote the following to Mark:
The form you’ve used-
unknown to me
has turned on high my OCD
and stimulates my need to know
and I can’t let it be.
The form you’ve used-
unique for sure
has properties with much allure.
My ignorance can’t be excused
for knowledge is the cure.
The form you’ve used
you must bestow
that it’s name may endure.
…and he bestowed the name….
Visual Template
Three-peat Refrain