• The Bragi is said to be suited for scenic beauty and “the elfin”. Created by Thelma Allinder, it became popular through a 1950’s publication,Scimitar and Song.The Bragi is:
    • stanzaic, written in 2 sixains. (12 lines)
    • syllabic,6/8/10/10/8/6/10/8/6/6/8/10 syllables per line.
    • rhymed, rhyme scheme abccba cbaabc. (abccbacbaabc)
Persimmon by Judi Van GorderSoggy leaves decompose
on the winter walkway
that ambles through the stark barren garden.
One lonely Persimmon tree stands discarded
against the sky, leafless array
of dark limbs seem to doze.Golden orbs appear to hang unguarded,
the dulcet sweet fruit on display
with no one to pose
a threat to dispose.
Left ignored on this frosty day,
bountiful harvest is unregarded.
My Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the wonderful resource at PMO
My Example Poem
My Template   (Bragi)
In summer I would lose
my shoes, and all the clothes I could.
That meant I never, ever, wore a shirt.
I waded in canals and played in dirt
and had I pup, so times seemed good.
School’d start- then I’d wear shoes.
I can’t remember ever being hurt
that i was loved I understood
I did not have to choose
for happy were the views
to which I was exposed and would
in adult life naturally revert.
© Lawrencealot – March 14, 2014
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