• Circlet is a shape poem outlining a circle. It was created by Bena Parks and was found in Pathways for the Poet by Viola Berg 1977.

The Circlet is:
○ a decastich, a 10 line poem made up of 2 cinquains.
○ syllabic, 2-4-6-8-10 10-8-6-4-2 syllables per line.
○ rhymed, rhyme scheme Abcde edcbA.
○ composed with L1 repeated as L10.

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My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

To approximate a circle this poem should be centered on the page.

My example

Possessive Pet (Circlet)

an iguana
a monkey, or a pig
would make a fun and charming pet –
I’ve got downright possessive Yorkshire dog
who’d not share with lizard, monkey, or hog

and I’d not leave him on a bet.|
Mom might get one I’d dig,
but aint gonna 

© Lawrencealot – October 9,2014

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