Treochair is:

a. written in any number of tercets.

b. syllabic (3)-7-7

c. stressed, L1 carries 2 stresses, L2 carries 3 stresses, L3 carries 2 stresses

d. rhymed, axa bxb cxc ….ending with axa

e. generously alliterated.

f. written with the defining features of most Celtic poems, cywddydd (harmony of sound) and dunadh (beginning and ending the poem with the same word, phrase or line)

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My example

Pastel Words (Treochair)

Let’s dispense
with all such social babble
termed correct – it’s pure nonsense.

Truth I speak
or have nothing now to say.
I’ll shut-up but, not be meek.

I’ll abstain
from mumbling mousey mantra
posing as P C refrain.

Rob a bank.
The withdrawal’s unscheduled,
named as such would be a prank.

Break the law
to come here you’re illegal
whether fat, thin, ma, or paw.

They may be
proper folks with wants and dreams
but illegal, honestly.

Take offense
Americans then at last,
with this nonsense let’s dispense.

© Lawrencealot – October 27, 2014

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