Dahquain form invented by  D.A. Hemingway, aka, DianeAH on Allpoetry.com.
Iambic Tetrameter Quatrains
axAA bxBB cxCC dxDD, etc.
Minimum of 4 stanzas,
Ends with a separate rhyming couplet. (14 lines or more)
The capital letters indicate that the words are identical.
In the rhyme pattern indicated by axAAbxBBcxCCdxDD, the lines indicated with capitals contain word refrains.
Example Poem
Write a Dahquain
A Dahquain seems a friendly form.
Line two will never have to rhyme,
although I guess it is my norm
to try to monkey with the norm.
I suppose could to try to rhyme
all the unrhymed lines; even try
to challenge up with monorhyme
that is, if you like monorhyme.
Or you could get busy and try
to link as I’ve done here, those lone
lines lightly “Ah ha!”, slap your thigh.
Excited guys will slap their thigh.
Now that trick treds path of my own;
It’s not part of this easy form.
My tricks just wanted to be shown.
I’ll be anxious to see yours shown.
Enjoy the Dahquain, Di’s new form.
A Dahquain seems a friendly form.
© Lawrencealot  –  July 14, 2012
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Ignore name Dahtrain…That was my misunderstanding.