This is a form invented by Susan Budig for a challenge to the readers of  The Poetic Asides Blog to create a new form. 
The Anapeat is based on anaphora, defined by as ” Rhetoric . repetition of a word or words at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses, or sentences. “
The Anapeat repeats a phrase in several places within the poem. 
The poem consists of five stanzas of five lines each. 
 The repeated phrase/line is the first line of the first stanza, the second line of the second stanzas, etc.  

All or part of the phrase is also the title of the poem.

There is no line length, meter, or rhyme requirements, however rhyme and meter may be used if the poet chooses to do so.

I am awaiting a response from Susan Budig for any clarification or additions.

My example

Earn Your Way (Form: Anapeat)

You have the right to earn your way
and not be fed from public plate.
You have no right to come and stay
with others carrying your weight.
None can sustain a free buffet.

I want to make this one thing straight,
You have the right to earn your way.
Comply, and try, assimilate;
don’t march, demand, then stand and bray
in Phoenix, DC, or South Gate.

We’ll help the helpless everyday,
that’s why I think this country’s great.
You have the right to earn your way,
for that we have an open gate.
We’re simply not your country’s prey.

Riff-raff we don’t appreciate,
who come and take and still berate,
then take much more with their birth-rate.
You have the right to earn your way.
Dependence leads toward a slave state.

Because he see a vote “souffle”
our President will not abate
the flow that’s growing everyday.
Make certain you’ve become aufait.
You have the right to earn your way.

© Lawrencealot – December 22, 2014

Note: Although I have not specified the rhyme scheme for this poem,
The final stanza might be: ababa using sight rhyme for the final couplet, or abaaa using true rhyme.

Visual Template


(Note: this template is for iambic tetrameter, but no specific meter is required. Some of the rhyme schemes show where for poems written in iambi pentameter or other accentual frames.)

The only REQUIRED rhyming lines are the refrains.

These different rhyme schemes, (and others) came from entrants to one contest two years ago.