Keatsian Ode

Keatsian Ode Description: The Keatsian or English Ode is written in iambic pentameter with three verses with rhyme scheme ababcdecde. Each verse has new rhymes, although it follows the same scheme, so technically: ababcdecde fgfghijhij klklmnomno for the whole schmeer. Another expert says it can be any number of verses, and since Keats himself wrote an eight-verser, we’ll agree with him. Attributed to: John Keats Origin: English Schematic: Rhyme: ababcdecde

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Other Odes: Aeolic Ode, Anacreontic Ode, Choral Ode or Pindaric Ode or Dorian Ode,
Cowleyan Ode or Irregular Ode, Horatian Ode, Keatsian or English Ode, Ronsardian Ode

Thematic Odes:
Elegy, Obsequy, Threnody Ode
Elemental Ode
Genethliacum Ode
Encomium or Coronation Ode
Epithalamion or Epithalamium and Protholathiumis
Palinode Ode
Panegyric or Paean
Triumphal Ode
Occasional Verse

My example

Owed to My Coffee Cup (Keatsian Ode)

My coffee cup begins my daily grind.
Oh coffee cup you are my calming friend;
you pacify and organize my mind.
I use you for most any coffee blend,
yet holding drinks is least of what you do.
I hold you sometimes just to strike a pose
It buys me time to think upon my feet –
contemplative while sipping from my brew
you are a point of focus I suppose
while I compose a thought that seems complete.

© Lawrencealot – August 12, 2014

Visual Template
Keatsian Ode


  • Miniature is a verse form that is a kind of contradiction of syllabic and metric form. All but 2 lines, begin and end on stressed syllables which would imply catalectic trochaic meter. It also has an unusual feature of requiring the 5th syllable of the 1st line be rhymed with the 1st syllable of the 2nd line, it was created by Margaret Ball Dickson.The Miniature is:
    • a decastich, a poem in 10 lines.
    • syllabic, 7/5/7/5/7/6/7/7/6/7/7 syllables per line. All but L6 & L8 begin and end on a stressed syllable. L6 & L8 have feminine endings.
    • rhyme xaxaxbxbcc, x being unrhymed.
    • composed with the 5th syllable of L1, rhymed with the 1st syllable of L2
My Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the wonderful resource at PMO
My example poem
Mission Statement    (Miniature)
Mission Statement
Moons unlike the moon of earth
soon will be our fare.
Ships exceeding speed of light
Will propel us there.
Men from earth will colonize
planets fit for living
We’ll find other beings there
giving gifts worth giving.
Know that as our skills increase
So do hopes we’ll spread but peace.
© Lawrencealot – April 3, 2014
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The Decuain (pronounced duck•won), created by Shelley A. Cephas, aka Shelly A on AllPoetry, is a short poem made up of 10 lines, which can be written on any subject.

There are 10 syllables per line and the poem is written in iambic pentameter.

There are 3 set choices of rhyme scheme:
ababbcbcaa, ababbcbcbb, or ababbcbccc

Add more stanzas for a double, triple, quatruple, etc. decuain.

My Example

Leap to Lancelot

They thought they had me trapped– the silly fools.
But I’m an acrobat and dive with skill.
I do double twists into tiny pools.
I’ll foil their evil plans to rape and kill.
After a safe dive, which will be a thrill,
I’ ll be saved by Sir Lancelot by skiff.
He’s promised so I know he surely will.
His little boat was hidden by the cliff.
No maiden fair (and that does describe me,)
will Lancelot allow be lost at sea.

© 2012 Lawrence Eberhart

Sonnatina Due

SONNETIAN DUE  Five couplets
Rhyme Scheme: aabbccddee
Usually Iambic tetrameter or petrameter
Example Poem
Order UP (Sonnetina Due)
When hatched then orphaned what’s the fix?
What do they do with baby chicks
They’re sent to Foster Farms I guess.
Bad joke here kid, I must confess.
I wonder what you might think worst,
To go as egg or get fat first?
I’d say the egg is insensate-
and chicken feed is not that great.
So Jimmy’s fate is not so bad.
Serve me with toast and I’ll be glad.
 © Lawrencealot – July 27, 2012
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Sonnetina Uno

A ten line poem
Example Poem
Interlude (Sonnetina Uno)
The winter settled down, it’s artwork done,
The thermometer dropped stopping the snow
and holding for us still-life clearly cast.
The roads were all cleared; a recess was called
for visitors to take pictures to share.
A suspension of time, deferring spring,
with frigid heart-warming inversion felt
as still air-motionless, and mutely crisp.
While not every year is such a scene seen,
these days are treasures wrought for memory’s sake.
© Lawrencealot – January 4, 2013
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