Ballade Supreme

Pronounced Bal-Odd.
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement,
Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
3 – 10 line stanzas, 10 syllables per line, 5 line envoy, Refrain
ababbccdcD ababbccdcD ababbccdcD ccdcD
Example Poem

Organized Scam (Offensive to the religious)

Organized religion takes wealth from fools
Their God plays to members who must applaud.
Congregations, powerful, then vote rules
exempting them from taxes– quite a wad,
The solitary reason some found God.
Mark Twain best said it and not as a joke.
If you could reason with those in church’s yoke,
(but generally you cannot, I swear)–
If you  could, there’d be no religious folk.
Professed belief is a vestment men wear.
Proselyte, aggregate are common tools.
Convert, assemble, in the name of God.
The cult leader see fiscal, cultural jewels.
Believers  wait until they’re under sod.
In religions name, so oft they maraud.
More died in quests religions have provoked
than in wars other evil has evoked.
I understand the quest to ban despair
Save thyself! In fantasy waters soak.
Professed belief is a vestment men wear.
A God there may well be; that question rules.
But not an interactive “man” facade
that demands devout devoted, frightened fools.
The force started every thing I laud
But religion’s fables I’ll not applaud.
Natural law will serve well for my cloak.
Promised gifts or punishments are a joke.
Virgin birth or virgin gifts- do not square
with reason “God” seemed not to yet revoke.
Professed belief seems a vestment men wear.
In the U. S. congress there’s but one bloke
who admits he wears not God for a cloak.
The others profess “God”, so not to scare
The sheep who are fine with mirrors and smoke.
Professed belief is a vestment men wear.
(c) Lawrencealot – October 2012

Author Notes

This is a Ballade Supreme, apparently the third one written in English, one by Amera,  now two by me.
Today I searched for a new write and found one written  2/9/2012 called Ballade Supreme, but it fails to comply by having a REFRAIN.
Visual Template

Margerinesoar Noir

Margerinesoar Noir  ( Dark winged beauty)
form was created by Amanda J. Norton on June 2, 2012.
Isosyllaibc: All lines are 10 syllables.
All end-rhyme is mono-rhyme.
Interlaced separate mono-rhyme occurs on syllable 5 of each line.
The poem consists of two tercets, each followed by a couplet,
then a concluding quatrain.
The first line of the poem, is also the first line of the first couplet.
Finally, the 2nd line of the poem becomes the first line of the quatrain,
and the 2nd line of the first couplet becomes the
2nd line of the quatrain.
Example Poem
Use a New Form (Margerinesoar Noir)
Let us not abuse a form of our own.
A poet pursues truth with words on loan.
It should not confuse, lest poets disown.
Let us not abuse a form of our own.
Make pattern amuse, and not make folks groan.
Write of lover’s coos, or of Fred Flintstone,
or paying our dues for chances we’ve blown,
of evil in pews, or wild oats we’ve sown.
Whatever your muse drops into your zone–
Remember to choose your own words alone.
A poet pursues truth with words on loan.
Make pattern amuse, and not make folks groan.
If words can bemuse then we’ll not bemoan
the efforts we use to make it our own.
Visual Template