California Rhyme Stanza

Invented by Barbara Dilworth and introduced at VoleCentral

The California Rhymed Stanza is:
isosyllabic (same number of syllables each line)
stanzaic, any number of septets (seven-line stanza)
rhymed pattern: ababcbc
meter optional

My thanks to Ron Newman at Volecentral for this information, his site is a wonderful resource.
Example Poem

Surrogate    (California Rhyme Stanza)
I am a cheater I’ll admit
I rarely delve into my mind
and find new notions to submit.
left to myself I’d be behind
the eight-ball waiting for my muse,
but seeing other’s work, I find,
will often give me writing clues.
The art may come from any field,
from folks way more profound than I.
With cutting tools that artists wield
they show what’s hidden to the eye.
Then sometimes, somehow, I’m allowed
to tell how their work makes me high,
to share their visions makes me proud.
© Lawrencealot – November 9, 2013
Visual Template
Here I created a pentameter template then chose to write 
iambic tetrameter.