Double Ballade Supreme

Double Ballade Supreme
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
This reminds me of the name of a pie at Bakers Square, but is actually a poem of 60 or 65 lines. It is like a ballade supreme with three extra verses that may not have the envoy. In short, it will have six verses of ababbccdcD  where the rhymes are consistent throughout and a possible envoy of ccdcD with D being a repeated refrain.
Like the ballade, double ballade, and ballade supreme, it is strictly syllabic verse of any one length. I’m sure the French preference would be alexandrines.
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My Thanks to Charles for his wonderful resource at PoetryBase.
Rhyme pattern: ababbccdcD (where D indicates a refrain line)

Example Poem

The Earth was Deemed Flat  ( Double Ballade Supreme)
For twenty-something years he worked at Palomar
as staff astronomer, and published works of note: *
The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies went far
and gained repute through-out the field.  His peers denote
some galaxies by numbers from that book and vote
thereby for his significance.  “They are a clue”,
said Arp, “these galaxies give us a means to hue
our theories of formation by what we see”.
For some entrenched, his notions were a bitter brew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The astrophysicists have classified a star
as artifacts of gravity alone and dote
on math based models which grow more and more bizarre.
Though Alp did not attack the fact that math hath smote
down common sense, his questions surely rocked the boat.
Institutional dogma had professed things true.
when they accepted so much math as things we “knew”.
His observations shakes today’s cosmology
His arguments required no formulas that grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
When Edwin Hubble’s claimed that galaxies all are
receding faster when afar, his was the quote,
the key allowing the Big Bang to be the Star.
A Doppler “Red Shift” let that theory stay afloat
for now expansion could be measured so they wrote,
and thus defined the Universe’s birth- in their view.
Though later Hubble wrote of doubts, I will tell you
It came too late; the “Law” was a fait accompli.
And only now are new tools convincing a few
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
At Palomar his ‘scope-time was completely barred
so those involved in relevance might well promote
projects that fit. Arp soon bid them an au revoir.
As others now pick up the cause and they devote
themselves to validation, common sense and denote
“experimental observation”, there’ll accrue
an ever larger group that knows Big Bang is through.
That stars are nuclear was ever but theory
and models never worked; the EU theory grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The standard model, grows noetic and bizarre
as better tools disprove assumptions made. They bloat
their models with new constants and reset the bar
as though inventiveness conveys the right to gloat.
The established names hold true science by the throat
but human history keeps me from being blue,
they sought to block ideas of Galileo too
and Arp’s experience repeats that history.
They’re ticketed to ride on notions now untrue
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
Since plasma actions can be seen in a Bell-jar
and gravity’s known force is weak and so remote
some looked to other forces to create a star.
At ten to the thirty-ninth, (and that is no misquote),
times stronger than the force of G, where G denotes
the gravity’s know force, it’s easy to construe
an magnetic role* shown a model to review.
The Birkland currents fill the gap satisfactorily.
Free-thinkers deem those forces lie in their purview
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The geocentric folks took plenty time to stew
and time will pass before Big Bangers all come to.
Since faith’s replaced deduction, truth’s now a decree
but that will change; there’ll be an academic coup,
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
© Lawrencealot – January 29, 2014
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