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Form: Sestalena
Invented by: Caroline Ann Gordon on Allpoetry
syllabic  6/8/8/6/8/6
rhyme    abbaba
Length 6 lines
a Lines Iambic Trimeter
b Lines Iambic Tetrameter
Example Poem
Apprenticeship     (Sestalena)
I found that gasoline
is not accelerant preferred
for burning work-site junk.  A nerd,
they let me learn just fine,
The boom! The bounce! I looked absurd.
The blast turned out benign.
Construction guys have fun
in teaching newbies with a sting.
First wheelbarrow I tried to bring
across a plank built run
On my first turn, I dumped the thing.
Applause by everyone.
The egg noodles were free
but changed the texture quite a bit
of my jam sandwich- a new hit.
My colleagues laughed with glee.
The jokes on me just never quit.
Yet, all were good for me
The AM radio
that day in nineteen sixty-three,
announced the death of Kennedy
so that is how I know
when noodle sandwich jubilee
became a subdued show.
But thanking good old Zeus,
I transitioned from labor skills
to other ways to pay my bills.
So I have no excuse
my poems don’t provide more thrills,
I’m just a bit obtuse.
  © Lawrencealot – January 10, 2013
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Invented by  Caroline Ann Gordon on
This form is:
Isosyllabic: 12 syllables per line
Rhymed: abcabadeedff
Stanzaic: Presented as a sestet, a quatrain, and a couplet.
* Sestet is written followed by your Quatrain, this stanza is begun with a Volta.
* A Volta, which in Italian means “turn”.
The turn of thought is one in a Sonnet that is often indicated by such words as: “But”, “and”, and “yet.”
This form is Copyrighted © 2012 Caroline Ann Gordon.
If you pen in this form, please mention where you learned the style from.
Example Poem
Deferred Treasure
I wandered through the deserts high and slept in caves
while searching for the Montezuma’s gold that lies
in Utah hills. The Aztec fortune deemed so great
that it cannot be computed. Brought here by slaves
or Montezuma’s minions, several tons of prize.
Only one man survived the rest were put in graves.
Yet, years of toil and searching yielded only grief.
The map the old guy claimed good but not exact
Has led me here and many possibles I’ve tracked.
I miss my love, I’m through with greed. Time’s been a thief.
I’m still an able man, I’ll work.  The tide has turned.
My treasure is the girl who waits.  That I have learned.
© Lawrencealot – April 7, 2012
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The Interlocke form was founded ©April 2012 by Caroline A Gordon.
* Your title must be 8 syllables in length
* 3 sestets (6 lines)
* 1 ending line
* 19 lines in all
* With the following syllable pattern: stanza 1 868868 stanza 2 and 3 are 868864
* Last line is 8 syllables in italics.
You may utilize iambic trimeter and iambic tetrameter if you so wish.
* Your rhyme per sestet is as follows:
Stanza 1: abbabc
Stanza 2: bbcddA
Stanza 3: deedeA
Final Line: e (Italicized)
* The A represents a refrain being utilized at the end of stanzas 2 and 3.
 Your refrain is a shorter version of you first line in stanza 1.
* Also, each line can have internal rhyme this is optional,
and if you want to incorporate internal rhyme you don’t have to have
it on each line if you don’t want to.
MUST have end line rhyme per line, except your refrain.
* Stanza 1 is the original on its own
* Stanza 2 begins your interlocke, locking b with stanza 1
* Stanza 3 interlockes by locking in d with stanza 2
*Your last line is a 8 syllable one in italics using e rhyme pattern.
So, in essence your last sestet could be like this deedfA e.
*If you need to utilize fillers, that is your choice, I use them sparingly.
The Interlocke form is Copyrighted © April 2012 by Caroline A Gordon.
Example Poem
Let’s Write an Interlocke Form
On this line, next; Here’s a refrain.
To end stanzas two and three.
Where I placed “three” is fine you see
for common rhymes have much to gain.
That first “b” rhyme will see
five times it rhymes before we end.
You may choose rhyme in side.  You’re free
To use end-rhyme only.
And use a set meter, my friend,
or not, a gain.  You’re free to choose.
This form requires no booze.
Here’s a refrain.
The next line rhymes much.  You can’t lose.
Remember closing line.
This is Interlocke– note entwine.
Do it well and you shall bemuse.
With discipline divine.
Here’s a refrain.
Another  form we do define.
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Ottava Anna

This is an OTTAVA ANNA Form
Invented by Carol Anne Gordon, aka Mystictarusritr on
Derived from Ottava Rima form
Written in pentameter, frequently iambic.
internal and end-rhyme schemes.
Internal rhyme is on syllable 4 or 5 each line.
External rhyme is on syllable 10 each line.
There is to be a Volta line 4 or 5 or…
Internal ~ abbaaccb
External ~ deeddffe
The rhyme scheme may be turned inside out if you like
Internal ~  deeddffe
External ~  abbaaccb
Example Poem
Pit  Stop
Assistance desired- the girl did perceive
a hunk with the quick good looks she did seek
pumping gas.  Her trick had worked once last week.
Promptly she inquired “What do you believe
has this time transpired that you can relieve?”
The hunk turned away, and started to grieve.
You see he was gay, and hoped to leave soon.
He saw the oil slick- third head pulled this week.
© Lawrencealot – June 2, 2012
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