American 767 poetry form

American 767
Created by Dennis L. Dean; rules: syllable count 7,6,7 and must have a bug in it.

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Many Thanks to Christina R Jussaume for her work on the Poetry Styles site.


Specifications restated:

The form is:
A poem of 3 lines
Syllabic: 7/6/7
Meter or Rhyme not required
Formulaic: Must mention some type of bug.

My example

What Bugs You? (American 767)

While a beetle is a bug
and thus can irritate,
it’s arachnids that I hate.

© Lawrencealot – October 4, 2014

Joseph's Star

The Joseph’s Star, is a poetry form created by Christina R Jussaume on 08/06/07 in memory of her Dad. This poem has no rhyme, and is written according to syllable counts. Syllables are  1/3/5/7/7/5/1.
The poem may be written on any subject, be center aligned, has no stanza limit, is unrhymed, and should have complete statements in each.
Example Poem
Automate    (Joseph’s Star)
coffee is
what I’m making now.
When I used to percolate
I had to pay attention
if I wanted good
to the last
© Lawrencealot – March 18, 2013