Mystique`s Hexa-verse Rhymer

This form was created by Alberto J. Alvarez G. aka MystiqueWizzard of Allpoetry.

It is:

Stanzaic: Consisting of four sestets followed by a tercet.
Syllabic: The Sestets 8/7/6/6/7/8 The Tercet 8/8/8
Rhymed: The Sestets abccba The Tercet aaa
Formulaic: Required all or part of the title in lines 1 and 25.
(It need not be a refrain.)
The first two sestets introduce theme and bite into the story.
The other two sestets add climax and spin a volta leading to conclusion.

Poem length: 27 lines
There is no metric requirement.

My example poem
Before Closing Time
Before Closing Time (Mystique’s Hexa-verse Rhymer)
At closing time all girls are cute
and many kind of willing.
The night takes on some charm
if she’s upon your arm,
In fact it’s downright thrilling.
What happens next is kind of moot.
But most times guys go home alone
and not for lack of trying.
They act like they’re too cool
and play the patent fool
because of drinks they’re buying
and act too crude, then can’t atone.
The man must set a higher tone;
it surely would behoove him.
Present a charming style
with manners to beguile
she’ll likely not reprove him.
and he’ll not find the evening blown.
So way before she’s beautiful
take time to elevate her.
Enhance the lady’s pride
and then she may decide
that you appreciate her.
and that you have been dutiful.
At closing time all girls are cute.
But when a guy is real astute,
he’ll trade beer glass for champagne flute.
© Lawrencealot – July 16, 2014
Visual Template
Mystiques Hexa-verse Rhymer

A L'Arora Poetry Form

The A L’Arora, a form created by Laura Lamarca, is stanzaic, consisting of an octave made up of a sestet and a couplet.
It is syllabic with no count or meter specified.
The rhyme scheme for this form is abcdefgf.
The minimum length for the poem is 4 stanzas (32 lines or more) with no maximum length stipulation.
The A L’Arora is named after Laura Lamarca as “La” is her signature. “Aurora” is Italian and means “dawn” – “Arora” is derived from this. This form is dedicated to Chad Edwards.

Rhyme Scheme Re-Stated: xxxxxaxa, where “x” = no rhyme
My Example Poem

Simple, Not Simplistic      (A L’Arora)
My mentor mentioned making my attempts
at penning poetry as speaking to a friend.
The grandiose perhaps will awe a few,
the academics, whose investment
in obcsure even
may seem propitious.
The common man will find
pretention not auspicious.
Your poems should be fun or run with one
to ideas delible in reader’s mind
making them now indelible in his own
Eschew condemnations, and benisons
but be exponent of provoking thought.
Let poetry maraud through newest  notions
and through concepts the Ancients may be taught.
Ignorance is pandemic
and helped along
by dogma,
the quintessential foe of reason.
If agencies are instrumental
in dumbing people down. . .
We poets and the world-wide net
is where new hope is found.
Confounding folks
won’t do the trick
Didactic rants
shall also fail,
but creative and probing poems
when free of condescension,
may lead the Exodus from apathy
and get the world’s attention.
(c) Lawrencealot – Nov 2013
I visual template is neither possible nor required.


The form was invented by Adaline Reilly, aka -AJ on Allpoetry.

Rhyming: abab
Syllable Count: 12/7/12/7
There are no requirements for specific meter.
Example poem
Go Ahead (Ragonelle)
Every time I let some one jump ahead in line
Since their item count is small
I realize that for the folks who come behind
order matters not at all.
The time I did this last, was at a big box store
Gads! She only had ice-cream.
“Sure, go ahead”, I said suppressing dread once more.
Here’s my most recurring theme:
Here, membership’s required and knowing that’s not hard.
This miss tried to scam the game;
The supervisor said “Maa’m, that is not your card.
He let her stay, just the same.
Of course the credit card she first tried, failed the test
the second one would not do,
“A debit or a club card maa’m.” (or cash I guessed.
The lady was not yet through.
The third card was a debit card that rang the chimes,
the gal’s face lit up with joy,
to make it work she’d had to swipe the thing three times.
I was then a happy boy.
© Lawrencealot – August 4, 2013

Here is a visual template



The Epulaeryu poem was invented by Joseph S. Spence, Sr., based on years of research. The name was selected while touring the Mediterranean, Asia, and America, and enjoying a variety of succulent and nourishing cuisines and drinks of flavor with an international taste.
Joseph used to play on AP as spencej, and a  Double Reverse Epulaeryu of his is here:
The Epulaeryu poem is:
A poem of 7 lines
It is syllabic              : 7/5/7/5/5/3/1
it is unrhymed
it is unmetered
It is about delicious cuisine and drinks from the culinary arts.
The final one-syllable word must ends with and exclamation point.
 The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. Each line has one thought relating to the main cuisine. Therefore, this new poetic form, the Epulaeryu, which has corresponding lines built around the main dish and drinks, ends with an exclamation point, and concludes with the writer’s excitement and feelings about such a specially flavored cuisine.
Here is my attempt.
Pineapple-Upside-Down-Cake (Epulaeryu)
with cherries or not,
juice, not water, then you bake.
What a treat you’ve got!
Tip it up then eat
a yummy
© July 19, 2013 – Lawrencealot
Visual Template


The etheree is a little-known poetry format, consisting of ten lines with graduated syllables. It was created over twenty years ago by an Arkansas poet named Etheree Taylor Armstrong.
The first line is a monosyllabic word; the second line has two syllables, and so on, until the tenth line with, ultimately, ten syllables. The form and outline of your poem should look like the following diagram where X=a syllable:

A poem of 10 lines

Syllabic: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10


No Meter.

Example Poem
Wouldn’t Chu?
Meadow lark
Ring-neck pheasant
swallow, sparrow, hawk
Even owls in  the night.
All may at some time take flight.
Some still have to walk, the penguin,
ostrich,  and emu to name a few.
If they’d voted they’d all fly.  So would  I.
© Lawrencealot -May 7, 2012