Mystique`s Hexa-verse Rhymer

This form was created by Alberto J. Alvarez G. aka MystiqueWizzard of Allpoetry.

It is:

Stanzaic: Consisting of four sestets followed by a tercet.
Syllabic: The Sestets 8/7/6/6/7/8 The Tercet 8/8/8
Rhymed: The Sestets abccba The Tercet aaa
Formulaic: Required all or part of the title in lines 1 and 25.
(It need not be a refrain.)
The first two sestets introduce theme and bite into the story.
The other two sestets add climax and spin a volta leading to conclusion.

Poem length: 27 lines
There is no metric requirement.

My example poem
Before Closing Time
Before Closing Time (Mystique’s Hexa-verse Rhymer)
At closing time all girls are cute
and many kind of willing.
The night takes on some charm
if she’s upon your arm,
In fact it’s downright thrilling.
What happens next is kind of moot.
But most times guys go home alone
and not for lack of trying.
They act like they’re too cool
and play the patent fool
because of drinks they’re buying
and act too crude, then can’t atone.
The man must set a higher tone;
it surely would behoove him.
Present a charming style
with manners to beguile
she’ll likely not reprove him.
and he’ll not find the evening blown.
So way before she’s beautiful
take time to elevate her.
Enhance the lady’s pride
and then she may decide
that you appreciate her.
and that you have been dutiful.
At closing time all girls are cute.
But when a guy is real astute,
he’ll trade beer glass for champagne flute.
© Lawrencealot – July 16, 2014
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Mystiques Hexa-verse Rhymer