Welcome to the home of the jorio, a verse form I created. It’s a very simple concept, which I’ll explain.
A jorio is 4 lines, with each line 4 words. As I’ve described it before: poetic cubism…
The idea behind the jorio, is that I’ve always had the feeling that people felt that poetry was long and complicated. I wanted to show that it did not necessarily needed to be so. A jorio is (usually) not that difficult to read. It is more often about the image it evokes, than a deeper meaning or symbolism. Though you can always find something…
Joria (plural of jorio) are moments in time, feeling, image. A fleeting instant captured into words.

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My example

Tears Bring Smiles

A scene of tears.
That scene’s a lie.
Man helping nature
Brings smiles to faces.

(c) Lawrencealot – October 17, 2014