This is a form created by Amanda J. Norton, writing on Allpoetry as DarkButterfly.
It consists of two quatrains and a couplet
with syllables of 8/7/8/7/10/10
rhyming abab cdcd ee
There are no metric requirements.
Example Poem
May I Sit Here   (Ravenfly)
Penelope prevaricates
She’s done it throughout her life.
The truth she just approximates.
Glad she’s someone else’s wife.
She runs down gals she doesn’t know.
Bill,  when choosing where he sits
avoids her;  I would never though,
I appreciate her tits.
Besides by sitting there when ‘ere I can.
She has to slime and smear some other man.
© Lawrencealot – July 11, 2013
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Mystic Butterfly

Mystic Butterfly form is one created by two poetesses
and combines their pen names of Mystictaurusritr and DarkButterfly.
The form is intricate in style and utilizes both of their own styles
as well as incorporating extended echos of Edgar Allan Poe.
Their form is penned as follows:
2 Sestets (6 lines per stanza)
Each line starts with a capital letter.
Rhyme scheme:  abcddd
Internal and External rhyme using the same pattern, on every line.
Line 6 is your refrain, which the first word may be altered
if needed to fit stanza better. Syllable pattern as follows:
L1 ~ 16 syllables
L2 ~ 18 syllables
L3 ~ 16 syllables
L4 & L5 ~ 15 syllables (L5 ends with end word of L4)
L6 ~ 7 syllables
Example Poem
A Night Out with a Role Playing Mistress      (Mystic Butterfly)
I followed her into the park across the street and in the dark.
Her coat hid her skimpy and bold clothes that exposed much to view, more to cold.
She’d turned him down with much disdain, and picked another just as plain,
He, had no doubt, much money spent; back downstairs he looked content.
She’d  struck out  with a spiffy gent, who left clearly not content.
Evil doers must repent.
As she approached the wooded dark, cutting through the secluded park.
Death was gaining through the dim cold.  This attack would be quick evil and bold.
There remained nothing to explain. The whore simply must feel the pain.
He pulled her from the hard cement, promised loud he would torment.
Before he could my knife’s descent cut his throat without torment.
Evil doers must repent.
© Lawrencealot – October 28, 2013
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Amanda's Pinch poetry form

 Created by  Amanda J. Norton, Oct. 18, 2013 on Allpoety
This is a syllabic form with syllable count 12/12/10/8/8/10/12/12
with Rhyme Scheme abcDDcba, (with line 5 a refrain of line 4)
Alliteration is required in every line.
It looks well centered.
Its structure giving the impression of being gently pinched together,
then springing back in a mirror image.
It may be doubled.
Sample Poem
Unhooked Hook-up     (Amanda’s Pinch)
Two sailors seeking girls inclined to kiss and pet;
I kissed my choice until my lips looked botox filled.
My girl had double D’s that suited well
until I bumbled with the bra!
Until I bumbled with the bra
my every effort seemed to work out swell.
She was prob’ly put off that I was so unskilled.
That was an undone date that I just can’t forget.
© Lawrencealot – October 24,2013
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This form was inventented by  Amanda J. Norton of Allpoetry.
It is syllabic 5/4/5  5/4/5  8/6
Rhyme pattern  aba aba aa
No meter is required.
First Tercet
line1 : 5 syllables
line2: 4syllables
line3: 5 syllables
Rhyme scheme aba
Second Tercet
line1 : 5 syllables
line2: 4syllables
line3: 5 syllables
Rhyme scheme aba
Line 1: 8 syllables
Line 2: 6 syllables
Rhyme Scheme  aa
Must Be Center Aligned
Example poem
Anxious ( Tercou )
Adoration grows
with every date.
and my shyness shows.
We are both disposed
to end the wait
parents have proposed.
I shall keep secret what arose
when you once shed your clothes.
© Lawrencealot – April 2,2013
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The meter shown is NOT required.

Butterfly Quintet

This is a Butterfly Quintet created by Amanda Jean Norton
Stanza 1 is Iambic Pentameter rhyming abcbd
Stanza 2 is Iambic Tetrameter rhyming effe
Stanza 3 has 2 lines of Iambic Trimeter, Enveloped by 2 lines of Iambic Pentameter
The rhyming words are the same words in each set EGGE
Stanza 4 is Iambic Tetrameter rhyming hiih
Stanza 5 is Iambic Pentameter rhyming abcbd
Example Poem
Write a Butterfly Quintet
To write a Butterfly Quintet my pet
you place complex content in stanza one.
There’s room internally to romp with rhyme
or sprinkle sparks of alliteration.
The same thing goes, by jive in stanza five.
In middle stanzas do your play.
These step more quickly, I believe;
less time to ponder, think or grieve.
First line next stanza have you say!
Expound your thesis here– it’s quite okay.
Exclaim your point right now.
Make emphasis some how.
The repeated words for that deed are okay.
Now butterfly, just flutter by.
Just play and give the air some shoves–
enjoyed wherever there are loves.
You light their hearts up butterfly.
Here the conclusion you’d most likely set,
with evidence supporting, now begun.
If playful theme there’s still a  lot of time
To zig and zag, and twist the plot for fun.
Your muse can use this form to come alive.
© Lawrencealot  – July 2, 2012
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Insane Cinquain

The Insane Cinquain form was invented on September 3,2012 by Amanda J. Norton aka Dark Butterfly.
Stanza 1  4/6/5/7/8
rhymed  a b c a b
Stanza 2  8/7/5/6/4
Rhymed  d e f d e
There is no meter requirement.
Display Centered.
Example Poem
Write an Insane Cinquain
Insane Cinquain
is what we’re gonna write.
It’s a Butterfly
invention and it’s no strain.
Just count syllables get ’em right.
You need not fret with meter here
there’s just a few words to rhyme.
This is such a kind
form Mark can practice here
for a good time.
© Lawrencealot – September 3, 2012
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Jumping Rhyme

This form was invented by Amanda J. Norton
Monorhyme quintet with line length growing from 6 to ten syllables
Interlaced rhyme required for every line, starts with word two of line 1
then “jumps” up a word each line until the last,
where it jumps back one word.
Obviously the poet must not use large multisyllabic words that make this impossible
Line length is based on syllables, rhyme pattern is based on words – take care
Example Poem
Lets Dance   (Jumping Rhyme)
I propose that we dance
if your toes dare take a chance.
God only knows I cannot prance
and whirl like the pros, but there’s a chance
the closeness could dispose you to romance.
© Lawrencealot – December 9, 2012
Both Interlaced and end-rhyme are monorhyme
I think the following visual template will clarify:
Note: you cannot chart the interlaced rhyme in advance, as it is dependent upon the word size


This form is Copyrighted © 2012 Amanda J. Norton.
17 lines All together
2 octave stanzas followed by a single line
12 syllables each line
abababab cdcdcdcd d rhyme scheme
then a final 5 word line must be in italics  12 syllables
and your final line rhymes with d of the second stanza..
Your title Must be an 5 syllable title.
Example Poem
Together Again
You came seeking solace as darkness chased the day
Over the mountain; too long we have been apart.
You cling to me, the way you did before, the way
that alleviates despair – banishes from heart
those thoughts of worthlessness, abandonment, dismay.
Succor I find as much as give, for you restart
the engine of my soul. Frightened by our foray
in to the forbidden, we both tried to depart.
Resolve and prayerful dedication to all
except each other, each taking all of the blame,
has left an  emptiness, just leaving me a thrall
to conformity. I need you and feel no shame.
The sensual delight of your smoothness does enthrall.
Your arms on me, once more bring peace, and bring the same
tranquility we shared before; no withdrawal
shall encroach again. We are found – have won life’s game.
Passionate reciprocity sets life aflame.
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Margerinesoar Noir

Margerinesoar Noir  ( Dark winged beauty)
form was created by Amanda J. Norton on June 2, 2012.
Isosyllaibc: All lines are 10 syllables.
All end-rhyme is mono-rhyme.
Interlaced separate mono-rhyme occurs on syllable 5 of each line.
The poem consists of two tercets, each followed by a couplet,
then a concluding quatrain.
The first line of the poem, is also the first line of the first couplet.
Finally, the 2nd line of the poem becomes the first line of the quatrain,
and the 2nd line of the first couplet becomes the
2nd line of the quatrain.
Example Poem
Use a New Form (Margerinesoar Noir)
Let us not abuse a form of our own.
A poet pursues truth with words on loan.
It should not confuse, lest poets disown.
Let us not abuse a form of our own.
Make pattern amuse, and not make folks groan.
Write of lover’s coos, or of Fred Flintstone,
or paying our dues for chances we’ve blown,
of evil in pews, or wild oats we’ve sown.
Whatever your muse drops into your zone–
Remember to choose your own words alone.
A poet pursues truth with words on loan.
Make pattern amuse, and not make folks groan.
If words can bemuse then we’ll not bemoan
the efforts we use to make it our own.
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Somosa Triad

This form is Copyrighted © April 9, 2012 Amanda Jean Norton, also known as DarkButterfly on Allpoetry.com.
If you pen in this form, please mention her.
A Somosa Triad is
Syllalbic, Stanzaic, rhymed, each stanza is mono-rhymed differently
5 lines each stanza
3 stanzas required
Rhyme scheme :
aaaaa bbbbb ccccc
first line : 4 syllables
second line: 5 syllables
third line: 6 syllables
fourth line: 7 syllables
fifth line : 8 syllables
Example Poem:
Forms have been sighted
here and we’re delighted
That A  P may be cited
but think the  poets were short-sighted.
I am confused.
Or am I bemused?
They want the new form used.
How can a form be abused?
If I  use it, am I  then bruised?
is a solution,
to form prostitution,
that allows distribution
without fear of prosecution.
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