Tranquil Waters

Tranquil Waters is an invented form (aren’t they all) created by Robin Richardson Jr. writing as Sector-Hunter on

It is Stanzaic, consisting of any number of quatrains.
It is Syllabic, 5/4/4/3
It is Rhymed: xaxa, with unique rhymes each stanza.
There is no metric requirement.

My example

Planetary Etchings (Tranquil Waters)

If Velikovski
is proven right
old beliefs it
will indict.

The cosmologists
who rule today
will rewrite their

not gravity
played the larger
role you see.

The proof’s on our earth,
and it’s on Mars!
Birkeland currents
fuel our stars.

© Lawrencealot – September 24, 2014

Visual Template

Tranquil Waters


NIBOR  a form invented by Robin Richardson Jr.,aka Sector-Hunter on
A Nibor is a poem of 10 stanzas
1.The first 3 stanzas are in lines of 3 and are set up in a syllable count 3/4/3
2.The next 3 stanzas are set in lines of 4 and go 5/6/5/6
3.The next 3 stanzas are in lines of 3 and are set up in a syllable count 3/4/3
4.The last stanza  in the poem is a single line and has to rhyme with the first line in the previous stanza it can be as long or short as you want as long as it rhymes
Example Poem
A Nibor
is a bank rate
of exchange
in Norway.
It is also
here, on A. P.
by our own.
Its requirements are
that you know how to count
and limit yourself
by lines within stanzas.
Also you must use
a specific number
of syllables in
each particular line.
Three tercets to start.
Followed by three quatrains.
Three tercets to end-
almost; there’s one more line.
It is its
stanza alone.
and must rhyme.
to free-form with
no reward.
You need not
even know what
meter is.
It that hot?
Visual Template