This is a form created by Larry Eberhart,  aka Lawrencealot on Allpoetry.
It is similar to the Monometric form but with the additional constraint of
line-length in feet being required to match the stanza line count.
The form may be written in three modes:
First as an Augmented Ripple, were the first stanza is two lines, with each additional stanza adding one line.
Next, as a Dimishished Ripple where the first stanza contains the maximum number of lines, with each following stanza having one less, until the two line stanza concludes.
Finally the Reversing Rippled which  can begin as either of the above, and then upon reaching its normal conclusion point reverse the process until it concludes with a stanza the length of the beginning stanza.  The turning stanza is not repeated.
All stanzas are mono-rhyme, or all are blank verse.
Example Poem
[Is Coco Nuts?]    (Ripple-Reversing)
Is Coco nuts
or just a klutz?
She’s always out of breath.
All things are life or death.
I think she’s hooked on meth.
She writes graffiti on the wall
and runs half-naked through the hall
but she’s so nice to one and all
so every night a boy will call.
Each guy gets just one turn
no matter how they yearn.
Her own desire’s to learn.
I would replay
my single day.
© Lawrencealot – February 16, 2013
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