Themed:          about a holiday or anniversary.
Stanzaic:          sestet consisting of two tercets
Syllabic:            8/6/2/8/6/2
Rhymed:           abcabc
Source quoted:
Memento, created by Emily Romano is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary, consisting of two stanzas as follows: the syllable count should be 8 beats for line one; 6 beats for line two; and two beats for line three. This is repeated twice for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is: a/b/c/a/b/c for each of the two stanzas.
Example #1:
Sky Flowers
Circumference unlimited
As flowers in the sky
We stand in awe, inhibited,
As bright explosives fly
From land.
July wears flowers in the sky
Spreading above the town
In flight;
We stand in awe, ready to cry
Aloud as they resound
This night.
Copyright © 2007 Emily Romano
My Example Attempt
This Night     (Memento)
The faces of the children glow
expecting old Saint Nick
this night,
with wonder only children know
and hoping to sleep quick
© Lawrencealot -December 4,2013
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Grá Reformata

The Grá Reformata, created by Michael King, is based upon the Villanelle form.
Following the basic setting of the Villanelle, the a Grá Reformata has an extra couplet between each tercet. This couplet can be either rhymed within the structure of the rest of the poem, or in free verse, but always in iambic pentameter.
This is Stanzaic pome of 27 lines, consisting of alternating tercets and couplets, followed by a quatrain.
Meter is Iambic Pentameter
 Rhyme Scheme is AbA2 xx abA xx abA2 xx abA xx abA2 abAA2, (AbA2xxabAxxabA2xxabAxxabA2abAA2)
where x is either rhymed or not, and A and A2 are Refrain lines.
Example Poem
Typhoon Flotilla     (Grá Reformata)
The mighty craft were built for wartime use
they’re armed with weapons, they’ll with luck, not need
and show their strength when faced with real excuse.
Typhoon Haiyan has stuck with natures force,
and man must bow to Gaia’s strength of course.
The USA and Britain ships have cruised
to technologically intercede.
The mighty craft were built for wartime use
A corpse-choked wasteland stretches through the land
with isolation hard to understand.
The ships provisioned for a grand re-use–
with craft to reach the folks they need to feed
and show their strength when faced with real excuse.
The helicopters may again save lives,
by reaching rural land where some survive.
The water Britain’s warships can produce
will be delivered with the greatest speed.
The mighty craft were built for wartime use.
The food and medicine that countries send
will find that structured order is their friend.
Relief efforts have no more time to lose
organization’s what makes ships succeed
and show their strength when faced with real excuse.
They’ll all work hard before their homeward cruise,
and try to help although their hearts may bleed.
The mighty craft were built for wartime use
and show their strength when faced with real excuse.
© Lawrencealot – November 27, 2013
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  • DixdeuxFrench for ten-two, is illustrated by Anthony Fusco in Caulkins’ Handbook on Haiku and Other Form Poems, 1970 . . . It appears to have developed as an alternative to the Haiku.The Dixdeux is:
    • written in any number of tercets. When written in more than one tercet, L3 becomes a refrain.
    • syllabic, with 10/10/2 syllables per line.
    • is unrhymed.
    • titled, unlike the haiku.
    • ————– Hot Topic by Judi Van Gorderan unopened coke sits in closed up truck
      outside the summer temperature rises
      ————– KABOOM!
      sticky brown liquid spatters upholstery
      meticulous owner finds mess inside
      ————– KABOOM!
Thanks to Judi Van Gorder of PMO for reseacrhing this.
My Attempt
Thanksgiving Day Football      (Dixdeux)
The aroma of turkey, panoply
of pies, threaten little distraction to
The game.
Living room furniture placed horseshoe style
in front wide-screen keeping kids away from
The game.
© Lawrencealot – November 27, 2013

Twisted End

The Twisted End form is a creation of Nichole Alexander.

 This is a stanzaic poem consisting of four or five tercet stanzas.
Each stanza has independent monorhyme.
There is no line-length or meter requirement.
The defining requirement of the form is that some part  of each of the first two lines be “twisted” together in forming the third stanza line which MUST INCLUDE INTERNAL RHYME.




Example Poem

Write a Twisted End   (Twisted End)

 You must depend on rhyme as your good friend
with mono and internal rhyme to blend
depend on your internal rhyme to end.

The Twisted End sets forth no metric tone.
but permits choice if poet is so prone.
The Twisted End my friend permits your own.

No poetic device is disallowed.
A verse endowed will rise above the crowd.
Device endowed attempts should make one proud.

Alliterate or write with metaphor
or obfuscate and be a common boor.
Allit with wit makes common a bit more.

 © Lawrencealot – March 13, 2013


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Compound Word Verse

The Compound Word Verse is a poetry form invented by Margaret R. Smith
that consists of five 3-line stanzas, for a total of 15 lines.
The last line of each stanza ends in a compound word and
these compound words share a common stem word which is taken from the title.
(In the example below the stem word is “snow” from the title “The Unexpected Snow”;
the compound words related
to the title are snowflakes, snowdrifts, snowstorms, etc.)
The Compound Word Verse has a set rhyme scheme and meter as follows:
Rhyme Scheme: aab
Syllabic: 8/8/3
Example Poem
Dancing in the Rain
Choking on dust– driving cattle.
Pushin’ them home’s been a battle.
It’s rainless.
A local  Injun decided
he could help so he provided
a  raindance.
I’ll be home with my gal to night.
So guess what? It’s starting… all right!
Some rainfall.
As I ran from the barn my true
love was running toward me through
a rainstorm.
Dancin’ wet together so free;
each damp and hot… today there’ll be
no raincheck.
© Lawrencealot – April 17, 2012
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The Constanza, created by Connie Marcum Wong, consists of five or more 3-line stanzas.
Each line has a set meter of eight syllables.
The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem,
with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning.
The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme,
while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.
Rhyme scheme: abb acc add aee aff… (abbaccaddaeeaff…)
Isosyllabic: 8 syllables
See Trick Poetry
The Desert

To venture forth in desert lands
Most city folk would likely shun
but wonders grow beneath that sun.
To trek with cheer on arid sands
requires a sense of how  things fit,
for God has made an art of it.
To ramble where the cactus stands
and know that life support is found
for man if he should walk this ground
and pick their fruits with your own hands
gives one respect for synergy
which can’t be random, seems to me.
This joy a cowboy understands.
The hospitality exists
most everywhere, and life persists.

(c) Lawrencealot – April 7, 2012
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 Cyhydedd hir

Cyhydedd Hir, cuh-hée-dedd heer (long cyhydedd), the 18th codified ancient Welsh Meters an Awdl, is most often written as a couplet following other metered couplets within a stanza.

Cyhydedd Hir is:
• written in any number of single lines made up of 19 syllables divided into 3 rhymed 5 syllable phrases and ending in a 4 syllable phrase carrying a linking rhyme to the next line.
• or could be written as a couplet of a 10 syllable line and a 9 syllable line. The 5th and 10th syllables of the 10 syllable line are echoed in rhyme mid line of the 9 syllable line which also carries a linking end-rhyme to be echoed in the end syllable of each succeeding couplet or stanza.
• or the couplet can be separated at the rhyme, into tercet or quatrain.

single line
x x x x a x x x x a x x x x a x x x b

or as a couplet

x x x x a x x x x a
x x x x a x x x b

or quatrains
x x x x a
x x x x a
x x x x a
x x x b

x x x x c
x x x x c
x x x x c
x x x b

or tercets
x x x x a
x x x x a
x x x x a x x x b

x x x x c
x x x x c
x x x x c x x x b

x x x x D
x x x x D
x x x x D x x x B

Thanks to Judy Van Gorder for her effort on this wonderful resouce.

Example Poem

Lovers in the Park

Lovers in the park
Share a certain spark,
life is but a lark.
They share desire.
Soft whispers calling,
on grass they’re sprawling,
each other mauling,
Eros on fire.

Wanting without shame,
desire sparks the flame,
part of all love’s game,
this is true lust.
In his eyes a gleam,
her pulse one hot stream.
for each– what a dream,
this sensual trust.

Visual Template

This is the quatrain option shown:
Cyhydedd hir