• The Trilinea, one more haiku copycat from Berg‘s Pathways for a Poet, created by Nellie Amos. It seems a bit superficial to me since the defining feature is the word “rose” must appear somewhere in the 3 lines.
    The Trilinea is:

    • a tristich, a poem in 3 lines.
    • syllabic, with syllable count per line, 4/8/4.
    • rhymed, L1 and L3 rhyme.
    • composed to include the word “rose”.
    • by Judi Van Gorderteardrops of dew
      cling to a red velvet rose
      the touch of you
Thanks to Judi  Van Gorder, who has done a marvelous job with PMO.  I agree with her feeling about this form.
My Example
Hardly Matters
I rose to say
something;  what is was I forgot
but that’s okay.
(c) Lawrencealot – December 8,2013


  • The Quinzaine is an internet form found at Shadow Poetry and Instant Poetry for Kids, named from the French qunize (fifteen) for the 15 syllables the poem contains.The Quinzaine is:
    • a tristich, a poem of 3 lines.
    • syllabic, 7/5/3 syllables per line.
    • unrhymed.
    • composed of: L1 a statement, L2 and L3 questions related to the statement.Keats by Judi Van GorderPoet writes in present tense.
      When is verse in time,
      is now then?
Thanks to Judi for the fine source at PMO.
My Attempt at Example
Insanity Defense      (Quinzaine)
Right and wrong are human judgments.
Can incapable man
do no wrong?
© Lawrencealot – December 5, 2013