• The Haikuette is another seemingly, American answer to the haiku and was introduced by Louise Sipfle in the Caulkins Handbook and included in Berg’s Pathways…
    The Haikuette is:

    • a tristich, a 3 line poem. Each line must be a separate entity, yet must contribute to the whole.
    • syllabic, 17 syllables or less. There is no specified syllable count per line.
    • written without verbs.
    • unrhymed.
    • titled.
      You by Judi Van Gorder
      fresh freckled Lily
      sweet fragrance, pink and spicey
      your face in the sun
A big thanks to the efforts for Judi Van Gorder for a wonderful resource at PoetryMagnumOpus
Example Poem
early morning frost
etched crystalline windshield designs
frown on your face
© Lawrencealot – November 28, 2013