Form: Argonelles is composed of an unlimited amount of 5-line stanzas (quintains). The syllable count is 2-6-8-8-6, with line 2 & 5 having the same syllable count and limes 3 & 4 composed of the same syllable count. The rhyme scheme of an Argonelles is : a-b-c-c-b.

a fear of the unknown,
and the thought of waiting in line,
these things send shivers up my spine
when I am all alone.

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Argonelles: five line stanzas.
Rhyme Scheme: Lines 2 and 5 are the same.
Lines 3 and 4 rhyme.
Syllable count: 2-6-8-8-6

However I am setting forth the interpretation found at because
I believe that refrain accounting for 40% of a stroph is a bit heavy.

Specifications restated:
An Argonelles is
Stanzaic: Composed of any number of quintains
Syllabic: with lines of 2/6/8/8/6 syllables
Rhyme scheme: xabba
Meter and theme at poet’s discretion.
If anyone can provide more information, or the name of the inventor please comment.

My example

A Documentarian’s Deed  (Form: Argonelles)

is what I’m meant to do
although it’s not my favorite task.
Why do I do it then, you ask?
I do it just for you.
© Lawrencealot – December 21, 2014

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Mad Song Stanza

Mad Song Stanza
Type: Structure, Metrical Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Other Requirement, Stanzaic
Description: Five line form with 3 feet, 3, 2, 2, 3, usually iambic and rhyme Xabba, often of a non-linear nature.
Origin: English
xX xX xX
xX xX xA
xX xB
xX xB
xX xX xA
Rhythm/Stanza Length: 5
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My Thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for the fine Poetrybase resource.

Restated Specifications: The Mad Song Stanza is:
Stanzaic: One or more quintains
Syllabic: 6/6/4/4/6
Rhymed: xabba
Metric: Iambic
Poem length: 5 lines or multiple.

My Example poem

Post-Haste ( Mad Song Stanza)

A lim’rick takes too long
and I’ve no time to waste.
This form seems fast,
and not half-assed
and can be done post-haste.

© Lawencealot- July 22, 2014
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Mad Song Stanza

The Donna

  • The Donna is a syllabic Limerick, without requiring the anapestic rhythm. Created by Viola Berg, the verse should be witty and fun.
    The Donna is:

    • stanzaic, written in any number of quintains.
    • syllabic, lines of 8/6/4/4/6.
    • rhyme xabba, xcddc etc.
My Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the wonderful resource at PMO
My Example Poem
Out at Second Base     (The Donna)
I couldn’t undo her brassier,
and dammit how I tried,
for big boobs need,
they do indeed,
a strap that’s pretty wide.
Exasperated, the girl said,
“Let’s kiss and kiss some more.”
I missed her flesh
but our lips meshed
until my lips were sore.
© Lawrencealot – March 22, 2014
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