Teacup Dictionary

Teacup Dictionary: The dictionary word is the title.

  • Each line must define the word but drops one syllable per line.
  • Poem is usually centered.
  • Last line number of syllables in title plus observation

Chatoyant (3)

white light (2)
gem (1)
undulates (3 plus observation)

Poetry (3)

Poet (2)
finds (1)
the right word (3 plus observation)

Fuddy-duddy (4)

likes trifles (3)
pompous (2)
dull (1)
old-fashioned one (4 plus observation)

Source: rainbowcommunications.orghttp://www.rainbowcommunications.org/velvet/forms/, with thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

My Example

Form: Teacup Dictionary


known fact
enduring truth


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