• The Termelay is similar to the Roundelay. This invented verse form was created by Viola Berg.The Termelay is:
    • a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines.
    • syllabic, 4/4/4/8/8/4 syllables per line.
    • unrhymed.
    • composed with a refrain, L3 is repeated as L6. 
My Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the wonderful resource at PMO
My example poem
What Do Nattering Nannies Know?    (Termelay)
When power groups
say “No you can’t”,
Do something else.
Some want constraints acts that seem fine;
Just stick a finger in their eye.
Do something else.
© Lawrencealot – April 7, 2014
Photo Credit: Viewed on FaceBook
All rights belong to the photographer, if anyone can give
me his name I would  love to provide attribution.
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