This is a form created by Lisa La Grange
It is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quatrains
It is syllabic, 8/5/8/5
It is metric, all lines beginning with a trochee and an anpest,
And followed on the long lines with an amphibrach, giving this pattern:
DUM da da da DUM da DUM da
DUM da da da DUM
DUM da da da DUM da DUM da
DUM da da da DUM
The rhyme scheme is abab, where the a-rhymes are feminine.

The Trochetta, created by Lisa La Grange of Allpoetry.

(This had also been posted here by me, with the name: Trochee LaGrange.)

Stanzaic,              three or more quatrains

Syllabic,               8/5/8/5

Rhyme pattern:  abab(a-rhymes are feminine)

Meter:                  trochaic


My Example poem


Puppy Dreams     (Trochetta)


Dogs do dream I have a notion-

dreams of pleasant things.

Mine can’t dream about the ocean

nor the pomp of kings.

Ocean’s spray he’s not discovered,

royalty’s abstract!

Grizzy burrows under covers

firm against my back.

Twitches might mean he is running

after his green ball;

Maybe he’s supine and sunning

waiting for my call.

© Lawrencealot – February 22, 2014

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