Wordflair is a refrain form invented by -Lilac_Thoughts- of Allpoetry.
Stanzas…minimum of two, maximum of five -(crown)
Six lines per stanza.
Line…1 ONE SINGLE WORD…to convey mood and theme
Lines… 1, 2, 3, 4, rhyming scheme: abab
Lines… 5 and 6 is a rhyming couplet: cC
Line six of the first stanza is repeated in the last line of following stanzas.
Note:  Although a specific Line length and meter are NOT requirement, they  are not prohibited.
Here is an example by the author:
~ Poetry Bluebird ~
he flew into my life from out of the blue
a gifted poet whose works I’d recommend
A handsome little bird breezed right through
with a song in his heart he soared so bright
carrying a radiance of sapphire skies upon wings in flight
he’s suffered the loss of a chick from his nest
but true bluebird style he’d never complain
Perched among blossoms, he’d say he was blessed
darting above rainbows with poems to recite
carrying a radiance of sapphire skies upon wings in flight
downey feathers cascaded down to my page
he fluttered to cavity abode, in an old review
New friend, beautifully captured in gilded cage
caught in the imagery of a poets delight
carrying a radiance of sapphire skies upon wings in flight
comes through the seeds of tender communication
woven lines of weed, from streamside imagination
Harbinger of happiness and purest infatuation
emerged at my lowest he inspired me to write
carrying a radiance of sapphire skies upon wings in flight
 Here is my attempt at a crown of Wordflair stanzas:
“Dee’s Blooms”
I merely stopped as one of those who were
impressed by Roxy’s virtuosity
I had no plans to buy and that’s for sure.
One bold and pretty image of a tree
The limbs were reaching out it seems, for me.
I walked away, intrigued to view the other art;
determined not to buy I found that I’d recanted
“Dee’s Blooms” had pulled me gently back by soul and heart.
A captivated soul not wanting free,
The limbs were reaching out it seems, for me.
I fumbled to withdraw my cash
my anxiousness could not be quelled.
My purchase was not one bit rash.
I knew I’d bought excellent quality
The limbs were reaching out it seems, for me.
The blossoms were inert within the store.
At home they often have a vivid scent.
If ideas entertained by me were sore
the flowers stank; if not, most sweet they’d be.
The limbs were reaching out it seems, for me.
I’ve grown in life and love and wit
“Dee’s Bloom” has served as my connection.
to making decisions that fit.
So I thank Roxy for that tree.
The limbs were reaching out it seems, for me.
(c) Lawrencealot – August 11, 2013
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