The Swifts declare that summer’s here with cartwheels as they fly
and warmer days bring insects out, a banquet in the sky,
while lobster coloured tourist gawp at all that they pass by.

The longer summer evenings call for me to sit outside
to sip a cool refreshing beer with friends from far and wide,
or family who visit me (there’s some I can’t abide).

Old England’s green because the rain falls almost every day,
it cheers my heart when they complain of skies so cold and grey.
(But when they moan consistently, I wish they’d go away).

The beaches do get busy though, especially July
but summers bonus cheers me up, as pretty girls pass by
wearing next to nothing, it’s sure to please the eye.

So here I sit with beer in hand, toasting in the heat,
with crisp green salad in a bowl, and fish instead of meat,
it’s nice all year, but summers here are really hard to beat.