another beach

I visit a beach
a different one
under the same sun
as the one before
immediately it dares me to describe
exposing the lack of vocabulary in my mind
I know I can never do it justice in word
but I might try…

I watch a tiny yorkshire terrier
experience the tide for the first time..
I feel jealous
but my imagination lets me inhabit the little creature
for a moment…
and my little body shakes in trepidation
as my owner lifts me
and places me within the ice cold wetness
and a moment later I become the salt water
wrapping myself around warm bodies
lapping against the shore
tasting the sand
refracting the sunlight
distracting people
from their otherworldly chores

I watch a jack russell
bravely protecting his mistress
with his ego
as she lays underneath the sun
appearing from between rocks
he barks at other dogs
from a safe distance

I see a child immersed
completely in the moment
just wonderful
not wondering
(where to next?)
not looking at a watch
just watching all about her
not thinking of next week
just wiggling her little toes
perhaps sensing in a child like way
she’s been here before

everything that matters in life is here
I feel the loss of my father strongly
I yearn for the children I never had
and yet in light of it all
I’m basking in the sunlight all the more..
hearing sounds almost out of earshot
drawing them in
relishing the summer seaside symphony
squawking seagulls
toddlers overwhelmed by their senses
children screaming out with joy
parents watching and overseeing
allowing themselves some fun along the way
older folks quietly observing
finding their wisdom
within the moment
appreciating dogs
for being dogs

and then there’s me
emptying words upon the sand
thinking one might do the work of many

looking at my watch
time to go in a bit…

sea cave
jelly fish
conch and stone
rusty old trawler
bleached white bone
bucket and spade
savour this moment
lest it fade