Breaking Dawns

on those solitary sleepless nights
when day has long been spent
and the wailing wind arises
just to sing a sad lament

when agnostic midnight thinkers
deeply yearning to believe
search the belly of their hearts
and find sweet nothings to retrieve

so delicate and disconnected
little blossoms on the breeze
fit to break apart in pieces
bound by threads of mild unease

overseen by ancient light
ghosts extinguished long ago
universal bright imposters
spirits shining all aglow

and just pondering such things
helps to ease an anxious mind
as it wakes unto a new world
thinking on what fate might find

watching as the rising star
chases cobalt from the sky
cutting shadows into shards
bidding night a swift goodbye

sending smithereens of sunlight
down upon this freckled face
breaking dawns across the earth

just a twinkle out in space…